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6 Factors to Have Leadership Presence

Yes, how you lead is important. Why you lead, though, is far more interesting and more powerful. When you combine the how and the why, you have a dynamic interaction that helps emerge your leadership presence.

We are captivated by a leader’s presence when she:

Shows genuine interest in other people’s lives.

They remember details about people that connects who they are with what’s important.

Inquires into what others think.

Leaders with presence show their interest in others’ ideas by asking them to share their thoughts, setting aside the need to tout their own.

Remains calm when under pressure.

We admire how leaders can gracefully maneuver through political land mines or other high-pressure situations while not throwing others under the bus or lashing out out of frustration.

Communicates with authority and compassion.

Our words create our world. When a leader uses words to bring people together and seeks mutually beneficial outcomes, she creates results that satisfy, even inspire.

When a leader uses words to bring people together and seeks mutually beneficial outcomes, she creates results that satisfy, even inspire.

Stays in a learning-loop.

A learning-loop is continuous learning, continuous improvement. A leader who cares for herself mentally and physically looks to nurture that in others. It’s magnetic to be around a person who is always looking to grow and finds way to be healthy.

Is guided by purpose.

We may lose sight of why we pursue things in our lives. But when we have an articulated, defined purpose we can get back on point. Leaders who know their purpose make decisions that are pulled tight against it, in short align with it. There is confidence, intention, grace, and vitality when purpose is defined.

Leadership presence isn’t reserved for an elite group. We all have access to it. It’s whether or not we accept the discipline and humility that comes with presence.


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  • R.Wa Alvarez

    Thanks Mr. Murphy for sharing these awesome factors. Being in a classroom with young teenagers can be tough, but we must remain calm and still show compassion for them just the same. Thanks for reading my comments.

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