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Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Business, Culture, Engagement, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Workplace Optimism | 2 comments

Leadership Lessons From The Deli Counter

I used to work for a guy named Larry. When Larry went on a business trip or took a vacation, we missed him. We were happy when Larry came back. I want to be the guy they miss. I want to be the guy they are happy to see back.

That’s a fine personal benchmark. I don’t know Larry, but I am pretty darn sure that this benchmark has little to do with Larry’s skill or competence. This benchmark is about Larry’s personal energy.

Are you the Gilda or Frank or Larry they miss?

Consider these simple guidelines for fueling your miss-me personal energy…

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Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Business, Communication, Culture, Engagement, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Transparency | 2 comments

Communicating The Universal Leadership Language

I spent 9 days in Cuba last month.

Many stories to tell.

Yes, I engaged in some of the expected activities. Strolled through Havana Vieja, retracing Ernest Hemingway’s steps. Listened to infectious live music every day. Indulged in a slew of sumptuous meals prepared in the home-grown paladares, beacons of a nascent Cuban entrepreneurialism.

But the unexpected stirred me most.

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