• How to Put a Safety Mask on Your Business

    Written by: Meg Rulli | October 23, 2014


    When flying on an airplane, the first thing you hear upon takeoff are the safety standards of the airplane: “In the event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you… If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, and then assist the other… Read More»

  • 5 Rules to Avoid a Collaboration Hangover

    Written by: Kristof De Wulf | October 22, 2014


    In a world gone social, an ever increasing number of organizations are chasing the benefits of social collaboration, both inside and outside their own walls. With initiatives such as Google launching its high altitude balloons to wirelessly connect billions of people in remote areas, global collaboration has never been easier and is expected to surge in the next decade.

    How to make sure you don’t suffer from a collaboration hangover?… Read More»

  • Shifting to a New Definition of “Job”

    Written by: David Houle | October 21, 2014


    Leaders now find that they are leading employees and contractors and that these people can be located around the world. Are you leading with this in mind or are you stuck in the old, place based hierarchical way of thinking? … Read More»

  • Breaking The Top 7 Millennial Stereotypes

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | October 21, 2014


    YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) surveyed some folks about the truth behind Millennial stereotypes. Here are 7 responses to help us better understand Gen Y…. Read More»

  • Embracing the Core of Your Culture

    Written by: Mark Lukens | October 20, 2014


    You already have the ingredients to make your company far more powerful. You might not realize it, but there is something in the makeup of your company that a strong, dynamic culture can be built around. Something that can focus your whole organization on its prime purpose.

    The key is identifying that thing…. Read More»

  • How to Overcome Fake Talk with @JohnRStoker

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | October 19, 2014


    We’ve all had those interactions where they just don’t go the way we’d hoped. We say something we regret or don’t say what’s needed. In the end, we have fake talk that doesn’t address the matter at hand…. Read More»

  • Why Fresh Starts Matter

    Written by: Laura W. Geller | October 19, 2014


    Katherine Milkman is determined to help us do better next time. In one of her most recent studies, the James G. Campbell Jr. Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania looks at what she and her coauthors call the “fresh-start effect”: the energy and determination we feel when we’re able to wipe the slate clean. According to Milkman’s research, the same momentum that drives us to join the gym in January can be harnessed to help us focus on the pursuit of goals at other times throughout the year. … Read More»

  • Decoding Leadership Presence

    Written by: Dana Theus | October 17, 2014


    Many career gurus will say leadership presence is essential to becoming a good, and ladder-climbing leader. In my experience, however, many good leaders get ahead with only a mild ability to be noticed when they enter the room, depending on the company’s leadership culture…. Read More»

  • How to Avoid Being a Superficial Leader

    Written by: Brad Palmer | October 17, 2014


    Want to lead? Then you need to be credible. Your team needs to understand that you know what is going on. No one respects a leader that appears superficial, or that shows himself as disconnected from what is really going on…. Read More»

  • CEO Presence Isn’t Style. It’s Substance

    Written by: John Bell | October 17, 2014


    By nature, great leaders are time-starved species. So I ask you, are you going to spend your time studying and practicing presence techniques or are you going work on the elements of substance that will bring the joy of guiding your followers and watching them grow? … Read More»

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