• Dominate the Existing to Influence Change for the Future

    Written by: Dr. Karen Keller | September 6, 2016

    influence change

    To influence change, you first must gain the trust of those who you wish to influence. A key way to earn trust is through visible results. You can’t show results using an approach or system that isn’t allowed. You must use the existing tools at your disposal…. Read More»

  • Labor Day in America: A Visual Primer [Infographic]

    Written by: Switch & Shift | September 5, 2016

    labor day

    Labor Day is here again! It’s a holiday that means many things to Americans. It is the unofficial end of summer, the start of a new school year, and the last chance to enjoy beautiful weather before the fall creeps inexorably toward winter. It’s a day for picnics in the back yard and baseball games […] Read moreRead More»

  • How To Create Healthier One-On-One Meetings [Infographic]

    Written by: Switch & Shift | September 1, 2016

    one-on-one meetings

    Everyone is busy. And when people are too busy, the most necessary step to developing a strong organization often falls by the wayside. One-on-one meetings are a necessary step to fostering a strong organization. Yet, with busy managers and employees, the meetings are sometimes overlooked. Quantum Workplace, a company with an employee feedback platform designed to […] Read moreRead More»

  • The Real Problem with Core Values and Organizational Culture

    Written by: Jamie Notter | September 1, 2016

    core values

    One of the first thing leaders do when they finally turn their attention to culture is to develop a list of core values. And there is an obvious logic to this that you can trace back to the fundamental definition of culture. Some people will say culture is “how we do things around here.” There’s some truth to that, but that’s just the behavior side. It turns out the behavior is driven by something deeper: what is valued…. Read More»

  • Freedom and the Opportunity to Achieve Personal Success

    Written by: Rohan Light | August 31, 2016


    We work in a world that favors those who can deliver over those who seek to achieve personal success. Part of this is ‘what-have-you-done-for-me-lately’. Part can be put down to the (mistaken) idea that some things are intangible and can’t be measured. Another part is the cult of the entrepreneur, which can warp into just […] Read moreRead More»

  • Small Gestures Create Big Results When Relocating Employees

    Written by: Mary Grace | August 30, 2016


    Moving is stressful and can limit the production capabilities of your workers. Assisting with housing, transportation, and culture shifts can make relocating employees easier, and get them back up to pre-move productivity faster. In fact, with a few small gestures, it’s possible they may even exceed their previous productivity levels. Here are some ideas on how to take an employee from Connecticut to the Corporate Offices without reducing the quality of their work…. Read More»

  • Team Efforts: Smooth Dancing or Stepping on Toes?

    Written by: Chris Edmonds | August 29, 2016

    team efforts

    How coordinated are team efforts in your organization? Do team members gracefully engage, solving problems and supporting each other, or are their interactions messy, frustrating, or even chaotic? Recent experiences have shed light on the latter, in many organizations. Some of the most glaring have been on a very different stage… literally…. Read More»

  • 10 Things Americans Can Learn From Europeans About Enjoying Time Off

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | August 25, 2016

    time off

    Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) surveyed its North America-based members on what they can learn from Europeans about enjoying time off from work…. Read More»

  • Executive Coaching: How to Preserve and Promote Women in Leadership

    Written by: Joelle Jay | August 24, 2016

    executive coaching

    As an executive coach, I have the privilege of coaching executive women past obstacles so they can focus on their leadership and impact instead. Of all the strategies, perspectives, behaviors, actions and mindsets I’ve used over the years to strengthen women in leadership, there’s one that has the biggest impact on their success: the executive coaching itself…. Read More»

  • Premium Customer Care from Premium Employees

    Written by: Amanda Wilks | August 23, 2016

    "woman at desk talking on the phone"

    The number of clients is the most important issue of a company. Excellent customer care and service is paramount. Businesses are spending a lot of budgets and efforts to optimize their products, make their websites more user-friendly, come up with original and powerful marketing strategies and so much more. All of these activities are dedicated […] Read moreRead More»

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