• 12 Entrepreneurial Culture Elements That Should Be Integrated Into Corporate Culture

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | November 14, 2016

    entrepreneurial culture

    Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Twelve entrepreneurs share which elements of their entrepreneurial culture they would insist on taking with them to a corporate job if they were to give up their position…. Read More»

  • 4 Recognizable Signs You Work for a Lousy Boss [Video]

    Written by: Chris Edmonds | November 10, 2016

    lousy boss

    In today’s Culture Leadership Charge, Chris Edmonds discusses lousy bosses and their impact on a company’s organizational culture. By recognizing these four characteristics of ineffective leadership, you’ll be better prepared to handle working for a lousy boss, and better equipped to become a catalyst for change…. Read More»

  • 3 Ways to Prep Your Company’s Internal Tech for Digital Natives

    Written by: Kevin Yamazaki | November 9, 2016

    digital natives

    Tech-savvy and used to multitasking, people with the Millennial mindset are always plugged into some sort of device, and they are incredibly fickle and impatient when it comes to the design, efficiency, and user experience of a digital product. If they don’t like it, they won’t use it. But it’s not their fault. Hypercompetition and the power of choice are major contributing factors. There are multiple software-as-a-service products for any need you might have, and they’re only a click or two away (and often free)…. Read More»

  • Why You Need to Pay More Attention to Your Conscious Bias

    Written by: Thuy Sindell | November 8, 2016

    conscious bias

    We often hear about unconscious biases, why we need to be aware of them, how to discover them, and how to eliminate them. But what about conscious biases? How do we manage those? We focus on an unconscious bias because it sounds nicer than conscious bias. It’s not our fault; we’re not doing it on purpose. More interestingly, as a Skyline Group International colleague, Laura Taylor, put it: what about acknowledging you made your conscious bias unconscious because of denial or guilt?… Read More»

  • 12 Ways Leaders Can Help Their Team Overcome Culture Issues

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | November 7, 2016

    culture issues

    Twelve YEC members advise how leaders can keep employees motivated and performing well when there are office culture issues…. Read More»

  • Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board: Gender Inequality in Business [Infographic]

    Written by: Switch & Shift | November 4, 2016

    gender inequality

    We are almost in 2017, but we’re still living in a world where gender equality is an aspiration, rather than a reality. The continued existence of gender inequality is certainly evident in the boardrooms of powerful businesses…. Read More»

  • Benevolent Capitalism: Creating a Business for the Good of All

    Written by: Dain Heer | November 1, 2016

    benevolent capitalism

    Do you ever feel concerned about the current state of the world? Are you frustrated with the status quo? Are you tired of business as usual and long for a different possibility? As an entrepreneur and owner of a successful global company, I can tell you that something else IS possible! Business can be kinder, […] Read moreRead More»

  • Eight Easy Ways You Can Guide Your Business Culture

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | October 28, 2016

    company culture

    Eight members of the of Young Entrepreneur Council share how leaders can craft and enable company culture at their companies…. Read More»

  • A Political Argument for Increased Business Morality

    Written by: Dana Theus | October 26, 2016

    business morality

    I’ve always been cautious about mixing social morality and business morality. This is in part because I’m cautious about the ways powerful entities like commercially successful enterprises can too-easily force the leaders’ narrow personal values on their employees, community and customers. But this presidential election has me rethinking my caution…. Read More»

  • Wells Fargo: An Object Lesson in the Connection Between the Employee Experience and the Customer Experience

    Written by: Matthew Wride | October 20, 2016

    employee experience

    It’s been a tough few weeks for Wells Fargo, and that’s probably a colossal understatement. Once considered a pillar of the banking industry, Wells Fargo’s positive reputation is now as mythical as the phony customer accounts its employees created in order to meet sales quotas and keep their jobs. Instead of creating an employee experience aligned with Wells Fargo’s values, they created an environment where employees who missed their targets had to work overtime or on the weekends…. Read More»

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