• Employee Benefits in 2016: Perks or Expectations?

    Written by: Meghan M Biro | July 13, 2016

    employee benefits

    Are employee benefits today considered perks, or are they expected? It’s a question many ask these days. Not surprisingly, the history of employee perks involves World War II, the burgeoning tech industry and women…. Read More»

  • The Value of Positive Disruptive Leadership

    Written by: David Penglase | July 13, 2016

    disruptive leadership

    Let’s consider just one area of leadership development I refer to as positive disruptive leadership and the organizational and individual benefits that can be gained from its practice…. Read More»

  • Coaching Habits: How Great Leaders Help People Do Great Work

    Written by: Mark Babbitt | July 12, 2016

    coaching habits

    Do rebel leaders instinctively act more as coaches? Should they use proven coaching habits to inspire great work?

    According to today’s guest on The Rebel Leader, Michael Bungay Stainer – author of “The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever” – we should!… Read More»

  • Uncommon Work Perks That Maintain Employee Motivation

    Written by: Alex Clark-McGlenn | July 11, 2016

    employee motivation

    Take a look at what some companies offer their employees, plus a few additional perks you should consider adding to your list of benefits…. Read More»

  • Your Ego is the Enemy with Ryan Holiday

    Written by: Mark Babbitt | July 7, 2016

    ryan holiday ego is the enemy

    Could it be that ego, at every stage of lives and careers, is the one thing that holds us back?

    In this episode of The Rebel Leader, modern philosopher Ryan Holiday joins us to talk about his captivating book, Ego is the Enemy…… Read More»

  • Employee Recognition: 5 Paths to More Meaningful Rewards

    Written by: Scott Mautz | July 7, 2016

    employee recognition

    Not all forms of Employee Recognition are created equal. Here are five suggestions that will help you to execute employee recognition in a manner that will be meaningful, effective, and inspirational…. Read More»

  • “Are Women Better Leaders?” with Rebel Brown

    Written by: Mark Babbitt | July 6, 2016

    are women better leaders

    Are women wired to lead? Are they more active listeners? Do they serve as stronger mentors? Perhaps most important the corporate world, are women better leaders than their male counterparts?

    Who better to take on this sensitive subject than a true rebel, even in name: Rebel Brown!… Read More»

  • 4 Ways Employees Can Improve Employee Engagement

    Written by: Greg Harris | July 6, 2016

    employee recognition

    Organizations wrack their collective brains to find the best employee engagement strategy, but what if the answer is simple? Let the employees decide. Here’s how to give employees more control over their engagement…. Read More»

  • 10 of the Best Business Books to Read This Summer

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | July 5, 2016

    best business books

    Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share with you their suggestions for the best business books to read this summer…. Read More»

  • Independence Day: Interesting Facts About Our Nation’s Birthday [Infographic]

    Written by: Switch & Shift | July 4, 2016

    independence day

    We here at Switch&Shift would like to take a moment to think, with pride and patriotism, about the origins of this annual holiday. The infographic below provides some interesting facts about the history and origins of our Independence Day celebration…. Read More»

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