• Deliver Service Unleashed: Giving Your Customers Your All

    Written by: Chip Bell | April 10, 2017

    deliver service

    Service unleashed is all about being really, really good. It means customers experiencing you raising your hand as high as you can – right out of the blocks. The pursuit of excellence says to your colleagues and customers, “You are so important to me that you get my absolute best.” “Being really, really good” includes service with an attitude — an unmistakable disposition of passion and confidence…. Read More»

  • Practical Tips to Raise Up and Inspire Future Leaders, Part 4

    Written by: Dr. Karen Keller | April 7, 2017

    charismatic leader

    In our series, Raising Up Leaders, we have discussed that over 51 percent of a great leader’s job is to develop new leaders. This process of raising up leaders is vital to any organization’s long-term success. In a previous article, we looked at the importance of character as the foundation of all leadership. Character precedes everything else. Without character, you are building on a faulty foundation. Now we’ll focus on developing charismatic leaders. … Read More»

  • 12 Ways to Stay Energized and in Peak Performance Mode

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | April 5, 2017

    peak performance

    As an entrepreneur, you face a similar crisis. There’s so much to do, and so much depends on you. It’s easy to forget your energy is a finite resource as well. After all, your employees aren’t the only ones who need to recharge. To maintain peak performance, you need to find ways to renew your energy and commitment. The Young Entrepreneur Council is here to help…. Read More»

  • Feedback: This Is The Positive Environment Your Employees Want

    Written by: Greg Harris | April 4, 2017


    Your employees are tough enough to handle a few negative comments. Quality employees welcome it. Really, how else could they grow personally and professionally without a few critiques? So, it’s no surprise two-third of employees who responded in the What’s New In Employee Management Trends report by my company, Quantum Workplace, want immediate feedback – even when it’s negative…. Read More»

  • 9 Ways to Ensure Your Shareholders Are Happy With Your Company’s Performance

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | April 3, 2017


    You followed your entrepreneurial spirit, came up with an idea, raised capital and started your own company. Now you spend a great deal of energy keeping your customers, suppliers and employees happy. But are you forgetting someone? What about your shareholders? We asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council for their advice on how to maintain a positive, open relationship with shareholders…. Read More»

  • Ten Secrets for Eliminating a Drama-Based Culture

    Written by: Nate Regier | March 30, 2017

    drama-based culture

    Zero tolerance for drama doesn’t work. In fact, it might be one of the most obvious signs of a drama-based culture because it reflects a misunderstanding of the purpose of conflict. Drama is what happens when people struggle against themselves or each other, with or without awareness, to feel justified about their harmful behavior…. Read More»

  • Two Leadership Types, But Only One Successful Leader

    Written by: Brooke Ozlem Erol | March 29, 2017

    leadership types

    The workplace is changing dramatically. The heart-centered leadership types who are willing to let go of their egos, have high emotional intelligence, and try to do the right thing will succeed faster, and it will be easier for them to make the transition. Why? Because they understand the real purpose behind these changes. Their leadership will be more authentic, and their stakeholders will follow them willingly knowing their leaders have everyone’s best interest in mind. … Read More»

  • 10 Rules for Recognition That Increase Employee Commitment

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | March 28, 2017

    employee commitment

    Management malpractice, managers’ actions that don’t lead to positive outcomes for the company and its people, can be overcome. Practicing recognition that incorporates the above rules will position you to achieve greater results in your business and increase employee commitment. Your employees will appreciate it, too…. Read More»

  • Customer Contact: The Enduring Power of “I Get You”

    Written by: Chip Bell | March 27, 2017

    customer contact

    We typically think of customer contact “feedback” and evaluation as judgmental opinions, not as instructive information. We think we need cold, hard data to instigate accurate change. Consider the word itself. “Feeding back” implies nurturance, like returning important nutrients to the soil through fertilizer. Customers will more likely give you their lessons that “fertilize” your customer service if you approach them as a student eager for a lesson rather than as a student uneasy about getting a grade…. Read More»

  • Leadership Styles: What Type of Leader Are You? [Infographic]

    Written by: Ron Damon | March 24, 2017

    Everyone has their own way of dealing with others. Especially when it comes to motivating and inspiring our employees. However, research from Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee suggests we all fall into one of six leadership styles. The more we know about these styles, the easier we can use them to our advantage. So, what kind of leader are you?… Read More»

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