Appreciating Diversity and Differences Builds Effective Teams

One key to developing strong and effective teams is the ability to appreciate the benefits of the differences each team member presents. Those differences can confuse, frustrate and cause misunderstandings – OR – they can be illuminate, broaden our horizons, provide growth, and help us to gain new insights. Achieving our organizational goals can often […] Read moreRead More»

Leadership Is a Social Business

Somewhere along the line, leadership forgot who it was leading. Leaders are often selected based on their business acumen and “results,” – not necessarily their ability to lead people. Unfortunately, the ability to produce results as an individual does not always scale to effectively lead others. In addition, leadership development has evolved to focus on […] Read moreRead More»

It’s Time for Honesty About Diversity

The topic of diversity is very popular; so ever-present that the word has almost become cliché. People hear “diversity” and dismiss conscious thought, relying instead on whatever stereotypical notion they have about the topic. How did things get this way? First, we have a very real diversity problem with glass ceilings everywhere. Second, there exists […] Read moreRead More»

3 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn from Gen Y

A third of U.S. employees feel chronically overworked. 52% of U.S. families say work interferes with their family or home responsibilities. More than 54% of U.S. Americans say they will look for a better job once the economy improves. I could prattle on with statistics like the above. Let me first give you context for […] Read moreRead More»

The Dirty Secret Of Workplace Diversity

Intellectually, it’s easy for us to promote the value of diversity in our organizations. We can endlessly proclaim epithets about the added benefit of a diverse and varied constituency of employees, espousing the importance of mixing genders, races, generations, and lifestyles. In our heads, we “get it,” and for good reason—it seems almost self-evident that […] Read moreRead More»

Why Every Organization Needs Some Misfits

Over the past two months or so, I’ve been playing around a lot on Google Plus – more on that, and on our amazing mentor Elaine Lindsay, in an upcoming post. For now, let’s leave it at this: to use Google’s “Hangout” feature is to fall instantly and forever in love. Telephone? What’s that? Skype? […] Read moreRead More»

Millennial Leaders: Perfecting the Leadership Art Form

Gen Y has taken our old-school notion of leadership… and flipped it on its head. I was born in the early 1960s, stuck between the Baby Boomers and the first Gen Xers. To us, leadership was defined by politicians, military generals and captains of industry – as well as the willingness of dedicated workers to […] Read moreRead More»

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