Fixing the ‘I Hate Work’ Blues

Many senior executives have been focused on building mission-driven organizations for the last decade. The CEOs I know are fully committed to getting everyone focused on mission through regular engagement with employees—much more so than CEOs in my generation. So if CEOs are focused on the mission, why aren’t these messages getting through to employees?… Read More»

Shift into High Workplace Morale by Leading Curiosity

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the series “Workplace Morale,” a weeklong effort co-hosted by Switch & Shift and the folks at SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership. Be sure to keep track of the series here and check out our daily e-mail newsletter. Don’t subscribe? Sign up. Few would disagree that low morale comes from a sense of feeling […] Read moreRead More»

Build Morale by Catching People Doing Something Right

Creating a workplace culture that breeds high morale and engagement doesn’t happen by accident. It requires leadership – wise, empathetic, discerning, thoughtful, strategic, and caring leadership. And it’s a leadership you can’t fake. It has to flow from the ethos of who you are as a person…. Read More»

The Power of the Positives: transforming workplace morale

It’s easy to focus on the negative side of workplace morale. The problem of poor morale is such a common one that it’s become a major point of discussion for managers and executives across the economy. But this focus on the problem in itself brings us down. After all, if you’re busy trying to solve the negatives then you aren’t drawing attention to and celebrating the positives.

So how can you get this right? How can you pull out of the negative spiral?… Read More»

Getting REAL About Being Real

Being real is especially important to the younger Generation Y, currently representing about one third of the U.S. working population and expecting to take up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Being digital natives, they expect companies to be open and transparent and to behave in line with their personal values and belief systems. Using REAL as an acronym, I would like to touch upon 4 ways for companies to drive more realness in their workplaces…… Read More»

Six Criteria to Test Your Leadership Engagement

People sense your level of engagement. They read you like a book, carefully interpreting every facial expression. They read your lines, and in between the lines. People react to what you say and the way you say it. They hear and interpret the subtlest undertones in your voice. They know how engaged you are, as a leader, employee number one, head of the pack.

You are the CEO, chief engagement officer. How engaged are you? What’s your level of your emotional commitment to the organization and its goals? How much discretionary effort do you apply?… Read More»

Workplace Morale Unplugged

HR gurus at conferences mouth the word ‘engagement’ more times per minute than Robert Plant used to sing ‘baby’ in the average Led Zeppelin song. But what do the terms engagement, morale and motivation mean in practice? Here we look at some core principles and exemplars of how engagement, morale and motivation really work, so that you may adopt adapt them for your own purposes…. Read More»

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