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Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Business, Culture, Engagement, Featured, Talent | 0 comments

5 Rules to Avoid a Collaboration Hangover

In a world gone social, an ever increasing number of organizations are chasing the benefits of social collaboration, both inside and outside their own walls. With initiatives such as Google launching its high altitude balloons to wirelessly connect billions of people in remote areas, global collaboration has never been easier and is expected to surge in the next decade.

How to make sure you don’t suffer from a collaboration hangover?

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Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in Business, company culture, Culture, Engagement, Featured, Future of Leadership, Leadership, Strategy | 0 comments

Embracing the Core of Your Culture

You already have the ingredients to make your company far more powerful. You might not realize it, but there is something in the makeup of your company that a strong, dynamic culture can be built around. Something that can focus your whole organization on its prime purpose.

The key is identifying that thing.

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Posted by on Oct 14, 2014 in Business, Culture, Engagement, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, leadership presence, Strengths, Talent | 0 comments

Leadership Presence is More Than Just Being Present

Now I’m not knocking charisma. It’s useful and people tend to be attracted to it. And, from the leader’s perspective, it can seem kind of easy. You just show up. Problem is, that approach only works for well-established and/or highly visible guru-ninja-rockstar leaders. The rest of us need to do our homework before that big day arrives.

So here’s your assignment…

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Posted by on Oct 14, 2014 in Culture, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, leadership presence | 0 comments

The Cost of Presence in Your Organization

Super common, challenging to address at times, easier than it seems (from afar). All of it brought on by presence, a lack of it, or even worse, negative presence. Nine times out of ten, this is unintentional impact; people don’t even realize they’re having it. Once you have the awareness, it’s easier to shift.

So how do you create awareness of your presence as impact?

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Posted by on Oct 14, 2014 in Culture, Engagement, Featured, Future of Leadership, Leadership, leadership presence, Strategy, Transparency | 1 comment

3 Critical Attributes of Leadership Presence

In the best leaders with whom I’ve worked, there are three consistent attributes I’ve noticed. These attributes create a presence that is strong, professional and trusted. Most importantly, the persona is unique. Executive presence can look very different from leader to leader, but the sense that employees trust an executive is the constant.

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Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Business, Culture, Featured, Leadership, leadership presence | 1 comment

Leadership Presence Requires Being Present

The challenge for many leaders is to give themselves space to be present to see what needs to be done and how they need to show up to make that happen. Instead of working harder to squeeze more into any given week, leaders need to be more mindful – aware and intentional – about what they’re trying to do and how they need to show up to do that.

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Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Communication, Culture, Engagement, Featured, Strategy | 0 comments

Putting Socrates on the Payroll

The latest vogue in some areas of the business world is to encourage employees to ask questions. This is a worthy goal, but not one without serious obstacles. The most serious being that through much of our development period in our culture, the message from both our parents and teachers is to discourage question asking. Every American child has heard at least once at home or at school the default answer of adults everywhere: Because I said so.

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Posted by on Oct 6, 2014 in Communication, Culture, Customer Service, Engagement, Featured, Leadership, Recognition | 3 comments

Why Leaders Should Focus on Employee Investment, not Engagement

The modern workplace is a collection of new technologies, new business strategies, and new leadership methodologies… and the same staggering number of disengaged employees.

What was once an emerging trend is now a full-blown problem that costs US businesses an estimated $450 to $550 billion each year. However, the cost of poor employee engagement is hardly confined to a monetary figure.

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