The Importance of Bias in Effective Leadership

I’ve recently been conducting research related to bias in interviewing and hiring and in doing so uncovered some excellent and surprising information on how to build a greater awareness of bias in the hiring process.  This research has also unintentionally helped me develop a more acute awareness of the role of bias and its influence […] Read moreRead More»

Getting Recognition Right Pays Off

Roy Saunderson, the Chief Learning Officer of Rideau’s Recognition Management Institute, is famous as the “Get Recognition Right Guy” – and today we’re lucky enough to have him on Switch and Shift TV! Think you can’t measure recognition done right? “Those managers who were coached on recognition? Their employees’ productivity improved measurably.” So you can […] Read moreRead More»

Washington’s New Brand of Leadership

  Here on Switch and Shift, we talk a lot about the various forms leadership can take. Servant leadership. Empathetic leadership. Motivational leadership. Charismatic leadership. Even autocratic leadership (although, to be honest, we usually give those old-schoolers a lot of crap). We never, however, talk about the kind of leadership we’re seeing from Washington DC […] Read moreRead More»

We Succeed When We Give Recognition

  Too many people at work don’t feel appreciated for their contributions or anything they do and that’s not right! How do we know this?  We typically measure the presence or lack of recognition in terms of employee engagement and stick a recognition question or two somewhere in those engagement surveys companies conduct almost every […] Read moreRead More»

Change Your Content Diet: Salty is the New Sticky #socialmedia

  When blogs became popular – back when the internet was only made up of a few hundred thousand websites – the idea of “sticky content” was born. As the number of websites and blogs grew at an exponential rate the demand for eyeballs increased. The goal of the content game became keeping visitors on […] Read moreRead More»

Women’s Corporate Exodus – How Not to Run a Meritocracy

  (Another) Open Letter to Corporate Leadership: Do you run a meritocracy? Does your company promote only the best and brightest? Is your hiring process color- and gender-blind? If you said yes to any of the above, the chances are that your company is none of those things. Why? Because our biases towards hiring white […] Read moreRead More»

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