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7 Ways Your Business Can Support Social Impact

Welcome to the Social Age, where an amazing 94 percent of consumers would switch brands to one that actively supports a cause. As more leaders realize that the majority of businesses will be far more socially-aware in the future, social impact is becoming increasing relevant in today’s best company cultures. But how does an organization get started? What must happen in order to become a social impact business?… Read More»

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Using Social to Enhance the Customer Experience

My colleague, Eric Marterella, who is as passionate a fan of the Marriott brand as you will find anywhere, gave it to me and even got it signed. The book is great, in the sense that it is both simple and profound and from a man who built a global hotel empire that is, by virtue of its corporate-wide “spirit to serve,” truly social, at scale. As Bill writes, “My dad, J. Willard Marriott, deserves a lot of the credit for creating a culture that empowers our associates to gives 100 percent day in, day out, year in, year out.”

And that culture is still thriving…. Read More»

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Self-Doubt is Overrated

I shared recently how I’ve been holding myself back lately, trying to appear reasonable in order to bring more doubters over to The Human Side of Business. I think a big part of that was my own fear of being rejected. But finally it occurred to me, you know what? That’s enough. Like the Far Side cartoon, Noah’s Ark is casting off from the dock. If we leave a couple of dinosaurs behind… well, you can only help the willing…. Read More»

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Building Your Social Empire One Employee at a Time​

Social networking has created a disruption in the way business operates. The question now is not whether your company needs to adapt, but how? In order to have a socially competent enterprise, you must build it. According to a recent Microsoft survey of global, corporate employees, 68% are using social tools for communicating with colleagues. […] Read moreRead More»

Golden Rule

Are You Suffering from Social Media Fatigue?

What happens when you genuinely tire of posting, friending and Instagramming? When you remember that tweeting is what birds do and that InMails are just emails delivered by a branded interface? When you’ve been diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – of your opposable digits? When your “love” of social media becomes a primary source of […] Read moreRead More»

Social’s Role in Remaining Relevant in Business

Do you ever wonder how the historians of the age of the CMO will look back on this era? Speaking with a well-respected analyst at a top-tier firm recently, she said to me “There are two types of CMOs: ‘calculator jockeys’ and ‘scarf wearers.’” ‘Calculator jockeys,’ she explained, are all metrics-driven. They carry around their […] Read moreRead More»


The Evolution of Social Innovation

Today’s guest is Michael Brenner, the VP of Content Marketing Strategy at SAP. A lot of Switch and Shift’s material is syndicated by the Business Innovation blog, which Michael and his team established a while back to provide value to potential customers and, when they’re ready, to make them actual customers. Says Michael, “We put […] Read moreRead More»

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