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Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Strategy, Strengths | 2 comments

The Value of Dynamic Leadership

True leadership is not found in an individual, but the individuals developed.

So it is with leadership. Those who desire to become outstanding leaders must also help those around them develop leadership skills. The true measure of a leader is not just measured by success of their organization, but by the measure of leaders they influence and develop to follow in their footsteps.

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Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in Business, Featured, Leadership, Strategy, Strengths | 3 comments

3 Ways to Earn Success and Respect

I’ve worked with people who worked hard for everything they got. The hardships they endured early in life etched deeply marked goodness in their character. They are keenly aware of the importance of personal accountability, reliably, and a strong work ethic. They take nothing for granted. And they pay special attention to those who come from hardscrabble upbringings too.

You want to be successful? You want others to respect you? Earn it. Here’s how:

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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Business, Customer Service, Featured, Recognition, Strategy, Strengths, Talent | 0 comments

Who Wants to be a Resource?

The words that we use matter. They shape our attitudes, shape our behavior, shape the very way that we think about the world. Words can inform, empower and inspire.

But in an age of commerce, where the language of finance and resources seeps in to the way that we manage people, have the words led us to lose sight of our common humanity?

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Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Business, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Strengths, Talent | 1 comment

Sourcing Creativity

We met for breakfast in the ground floor restaurant of the antique Foshay Tower (now the W Hotel) in downtown Minneapolis. My breakfast guest was the renowned cartoonist, John Bush. Now deceased, his syndicated cartoons were at that time white-hot. I was there to learn how his mind worked since my co-author, Ron Zemke, and I were in search of someone to illustrate our new business book.

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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Business, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Strategy, Strengths | 4 comments

5 Characteristics of Leaders Who Excel Under Fire

In April of 2010, the world watched in horror as millions of barrels of oil flowed into the Gulf. But, it wasn’t just the catastrophe and the potential environmental destruction that had us glued to the news networks. It was BP’s handling of the crisis. While their crude flowed, CEO Tony Hayward made blunder after blunder. Three weeks after the explosion, Hayward called the spill “relatively tiny” in comparison with the size of the ocean – 6 weeks later he said he’d like his life back, and 6 weeks after that, a shell-shocked Board put him out of his misery.

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Posted by on Mar 16, 2014 in Business, Featured, Leadership, Recognition, Strengths, Talent, Transparency, Workplace Optimism | 5 comments

The Power of a Grateful Leader

How would you like to go to work every day never feeling appreciated? How long would it be before you stopped trying? How long would it take for you to quit?

When employees don’t feel appreciated, their work suffers. As a leader, it’s your job to make sure that the company is successful. A successful company is made of employees who put forth their best effort every single day. Being a grateful leader is the easiest, cheapest way to make them want to do that.

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Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Business, Featured, Leadership, Recognition, Strengths | 7 comments

Belief as a Motivational Force

Maybe I’m dating myself, but my wife, Irene, and I enjoy listening to songs sung by Kenny Rogers. One song he wrote is simply called “She Believes in Me”. Part of the chorus says, “And she believes in me, I’ll never know just what she sees in me”…and further along “But she has faith in me, And so I go on trying faithfully.”
If you know the song at all, maybe like me, you find it quite moving. Naturally, it has personal meaning between my wife and I. For me, this emotional song also conjures up recollections of other people at various times in my life who have elevated and led me to new heights.

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Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Business, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Strengths, Talent | 2 comments

How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

If we subscribe to classical economics, which says that the price paid for any given service is the price at which the quantity supplied equals the quantity demanded, aren’t we paid precisely what we’re worth? And if we still believe we’re trading at a discount to our intrinsic value, is it possible to change the market’s mind?

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Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in Business, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Strategy, Strengths, Talent | 2 comments

The Must-Have Habitudes of Effective 21st Century Leaders

The conversation around must-have, 21st century leadership skills has been in full swing for years. From business to education; classroom to community, the debate on what is a “new skill” or an “always skill” can be both controversial and confusing. Although it’s almost certain we will never all agree to a singular list of skills, strategies, and competencies leaders must embody for success now and in the future, we do know what effectively operating and leading in a fluid, dynamic and every changing 21st Century world requires:

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Posted by on Mar 8, 2014 in Business, Featured, Social Media, Strategy, Strengths | 32 comments

Klout And Kred Are AntiSocial. Opt Out With Me.

I opted out of Klout years ago. Before I was ever listed, ranked, or nominated by Forbes, Huffington Post Tech, The Shorty Awards – before any of that. Before landing a book contract for A World Gone Social. Before winning my first consulting gig for social media strategy, or giving my first keynote on the topic.

Are you with me? Having no score on Klout hasn’t slowed me down in any way.

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Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Business, Culture, Featured, Leadership, Strategy, Strengths | 4 comments

Victory Over the Forces of Fakery

This can be a turbulent time, transitioning from college to career or from career to career, and it can be easy to lose track of your sense of self. The small compromises you make to get started can lead to bigger compromises. You can go from wearing a tie every day to laughing at the boss’s jokes to going along with decisions that you don’t agree with. Along the way you slowly break down an innate power and that vital connection between the things you believe and the way that you act.

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