How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

If we subscribe to classical economics, which says that the price paid for any given service is the price at which the quantity supplied equals the quantity demanded, aren’t we paid precisely what we’re worth? And if we still believe we’re trading at a discount to our intrinsic value, is it possible to change the market’s mind?… Read More»

The Must-Have Habitudes of Effective 21st Century Leaders

The conversation around must-have, 21st century leadership skills has been in full swing for years. From business to education; classroom to community, the debate on what is a “new skill” or an “always skill” can be both controversial and confusing. Although it’s almost certain we will never all agree to a singular list of skills, strategies, and competencies leaders must embody for success now and in the future, we do know what effectively operating and leading in a fluid, dynamic and every changing 21st Century world requires:
Read More»

How to Attract Top Talent

Every company wants to know how they can create and sustain a profitable culture that attracts and retains top talent. Fortunately, there are many companies that are experiencing tremendous growth due to some intentional shifts in culture. If you’re looking to shift gears a bit, here you will find a preview of several best-practice takeaways that can inspire engagement, loyalty, and profitability…. Read More»

Why People Are More Important Than The Process by Employee X

Any approach at transforming a business, be it through lean or any other methodology, is doomed to failure unless it is a people over process approach.

In my chronicle of what went wrong at the company where I worked for nearly 15 years, three process-related changes were implemented that either ignored or overrode employee sensibilities. As a result, each of those changes added to the overall failure of the intended transformation…. Read More»

Our Message to the Changemaker Millennials

Millennials, possibly more than any generation before them, crave high touch leaders; mentors and dare I say friends as bosses who are willing to have deep, meaningful conversations with them. They are sincerely interested in us sharing our wisdom and perspective, especially when we take the time to do so in a way that meets them where they are. In my conversations with them, I find myself focusing on three simple things to help them live a life of meaning and purpose:… Read More»

The Prosperity Conversation

You may run into a few people of any age that will tell you they’re following their dreams and their passions, but the majority of the working population will tell you that they work for the paycheck. Money is the object.

Now ask the same people if they believe that they are paid fairly compared to their employers’ pay and profits. Here’s the problem with this question: in most companies, people don’t know what the C-level managers and the boss are paid. They don’t know or understand how profits are derived, or how their own pay is represented in the big picture. What they will tell you is that they believe their own pay is not a fair slice…. Read More»

Making Human Resources More Human

Many people seem to believe that the human resource department is on the side of the employer while masquerading as the defender of resources. Others believe that this department helps to create culture and that its purpose is to serve the people while masquerading as the defender of the employer.

OK, I get it. But here is a more powerful point…… Read More»

Neglecting Your Shadow Could be Your Demise

Napoleon Boneparte (1769-1821) is best remembered for what he represented to those who wrote about him.  Truly, he was a conundrum for scholars and historians alike.  Germain de Staёl, a principal opponent and prolific writer of her time, commented that he was “neither good nor violent, neither gentle nor cruel.  ” Having joined the artillery […] Read moreRead More»

BOLD: Are You Bold Enough to Be Different?

“I’m following all the great advice. I’m working my butt off. Yet I’m struggling to find my niche. Why?” Sound familiar? In this economy, there is one way to stand out among hundreds of would-be leaders, consultants and subject matter experts. You must be BOLD enough… to be different. By “different” I don’t mean dye […] Read moreRead More»

BOLD: Reinventing Hiring

Hiring is a process that creates too much risk.  It needs a bold makeover.  As practiced by most companies, hiring is illogical.  We are encouraged to evaluate a candidate’s fitness for duty with no real data.  Why is it considered normal to make a hasty decision about a long-term commitment?  That’s not merely illogical, it’s […] Read moreRead More»

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