Employee Commitment: A Recipe for Peak Performance



For today’s employee, being part of something special and making a difference in the world is much more important than the rewards sought by yesterday’s “me” generation. Employees of this new breed want to work for an organization they can feel proud of — one that contributes back to society; an organization that has values and viewpoints compatible with their own; an organization that is oriented toward the long haul, working toward the prevention of ills, not just curing the symptoms; an organization that cares about morals and ethics and doing what is in the best interests of its customers; an organization that doesn’t dominate their lives but rather allows them ample time to spend with their families. Employees want this because they recognize that such an organization will also care about them.

Employees of this new breed want to work for an organization they can feel proud of

Companies that search for the best and brightest people must learn that their efforts shouldn’t end when these people join the organization. To retain these employees, companies should invest heavily in them, both personally and professionally. Today, employees demand trust and respect. They want their input solicited, their strengths utilized, and their contributions valued. Furthermore, every employee should be given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. When managers don’t abide by this philosophy, employees show little initiative on the job but are highly motivated outside of work; they put in time but no energy; they spend more time working on their résumés than on the activities at hand.

Every employee should be given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

How to Build Employee Commitment

  • Employees work best when they have the responsibility and the authority to get the job done.
  • Employees want to be part of something special and to know that they are making a valuable contribution.
  • Employees want to spend most of their time making the best use of their unique talents.
  • Employees should be given challenging responsibilities that stretch their potential.
  • Employees should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Employees should be encouraged to try, even though they might fail.
  • Employees should know that their employers have confidence in them and in their abilities.
  • Employees should be treated in a fair and honest fashion.

This kind of commitment is happening today, and those organizations that unleash it are winning.

  • Employees should have their professional standing recognized.
  • Employees should feel confident to make suggestions and provide input, as well as receive constructive feedback, without fear of recrimination or retaliation.
  • Employees should have access to all information needed to do their jobs.
  • Employees should be provided access to management.
  • Employees should know that their efforts are valued and appreciated.

What is the impact of such a philosophy? What happens when you really love what you do? When you really care? When you feel part of something special and are doing something good for people? When you know that every action you’ve made has had an impact? And when you know that your efforts won’t be forgotten? You become passionate about what you’re doing; you can’t wait to get out of bed and go to work in the morning; and you feel good about other people’s successes. This generates a spark, an excitement, and an energy that becomes contagious. This kind of commitment is happening today, and those organizations that unleash it are winning.


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  • http://www.savvycapitalist.blogspot.com TedCoine


    What a stellar post! Looking at the bullets you provide, my first reaction is: who could possibly disagree with ANY of this!! Yet I know too well from the real world lived within most companies still, this wisdom is either actively rejected, largely alien, or (even when leaders think they agree) it’s just not done in too many workplaces.

    Bottom line? My first reaction is dead wrong. This is a message that must be shared, often, tirelessly, with leaders at all levels of organizations. Bravo for sharing it with our community here today!

    One line I loved among many: “Employees should have their professional standing recognized.” How often have professionals from the front line to middle management been lauded outside of the organization, only to have that talent ignored within? We work for psychic reward as well as for money to pay our bills – much more, I’d argue. If we aren’t getting it at our current place of employment… well, that’s a talented mind ripe to be poached by another company where they will value her professional standing.

    Outstanding as usual, my friend! Great read to start my day.

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  • http://www.FrankSonnenbergOnline.com/ Frank Sonnenberg

    Hi Ted

    You hit the nail on the head. Although most people would agree with this list, it’s just not happening in too many workplaces. One can only ask themselves why? If our goal is to achieve excellence in the workplace this list may be a good place to start.

    Have an awesome weekend.



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