Essentials for Doing Work That Matters

What do you want from life? How do you want your career, your body of work, to be remembered? What is your mission in this world? These are big questions to tackle. Today’s guest, author Allison Rimm, advocates that if we answer these questions and strategize we can experience joy and have a meaningful, successful life.

As Allison explains in the interview, it may seem counterintuitive to strategize joy and meaning in our lives. Yet when you factor in the demands on our attention, intentional living gets reprioritized lower on our list of to dos. What then are we left with? Perhaps it’s regret for not taking the job that more closely aligned with your strengths and passions? Could it be that the entrepreneurial itch goes unscratched, ignored for safety and predictability?

Work that matters is definitely joyful and meaningful. And it’s the product of intentional and purposeful actions. Allison advocates that we all need to create


a Strategic Plan for life. Some highlights from the plan include:

  • Mission: Find Your Purpose
  • Vision: Imagine the Sweet Smell (Sound, Look and Feel) of Success
  • Critical Success Factors

In total Allison outlines eight steps in her book, The Joy of Strategy: A Business Plan for Life.

Quotes from Allison

  • “Work/life balance is bunk.”
  • “What do you want to say ‘yes’ to?”
  • “Strategic planning always starts with your sense of mission.”
  • “What’s going to guide the way I interact with everybody around me and myself? What do I stand for?”
  • “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”  – Annie Dillard

Connect with Allison


Twitter: @AllisonRimm

Facebook: Allison Rimm and Associates

YouTube: Allison Rimm


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