Fundamentals of Great Leadership

John Baldoni, recently named as one of the top 10 leadership gurus in the world, and I sat down to explore the essence of great leadership and it’s influence on doing work that matters. From thinking of our legacy and the meaning we help create for others to the role humility plays in strong leadership, John shares pearls of wisdom for all leaders at any stage of their own development.

One nugget John shares for young leaders is how to present oneself confidently. He uses a mnemonic device – 3 C’s

  • Competence: ability to do the job
  • Credibility: others believe you can do the job
  • Confidence: you have the faith you can do the job and others believe in you. You have a sense of purpose.

Other fundamentals from John include:

  1. It’s okay to show humility. When you make a mistake own it and own the solution. Avoid the spiral of negativity by blaming yourself. Clean up your mistake and move forward.
  2. Accept that we all lack some awareness of our own talents. This acceptance opens doors to learning about who you are as a leader.
  3. Make time on your calendar to reflect. Protect this time as you would an important meeting on your calendar.
  4. Lead with a sense of purpose. What do you want to be remembered for? For what cause are you leading and how is it important to the organization? To employees? Get clarity on this often.

Quotes from John

  • “Leadership presence . . . is the way you connect with people. [It shows] who you really are to what you want to achieve, but it’s done in an area of sincerity.”
  • “Leadership is all about the people you serve, but it’s also about you. It’s up to the leader to create conditions for people to succeed.”
  • “There’s also a quotient of reciprocity. Employees have to pick up on that.”
  • “Don’t lord over people.”
  • “Humility is a sign of strength of character, a sign of self-awareness, and also, it’s a sense of humanity.”

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