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Get Fit to Lead: 8 Leadership Development Goals [Infographic]

It’s that time again; we’ll be ringing in the New Year, making resolutions and promising to get in better shape. Here at Switch & Shift we challenge you to get your Leadership Skills in shape. We can support you along the way with our blog chock full of tips and leadership ideation.

Let’s get this year started with this infographic, courtesy of the folks at Michigan State University; if their Professors are any example of their development training, we are indeed in good hands!

Highlighted in this infographic are the Habits of Successful Leaders. It is always a good tactic to lead by example. Find a mentor. 64 percent of corporations are speeding up leadership development and 44 percent are increasing spend on executive education, signifying that now is the time to take action and sharpen our thought-leadership.

8 Leadership Development Goals

Preparation, Character, Principles, Personality, Performance, Experience, Expression, and Influence create a line up as powerful as the Big 10 Champion Spartan Football Team.

Follow the Steps to Action and you are on your way, and check back with us for your daily dose of Leadership Mental Wealth.



Habits of Successful Leaders

Infographic by Michigan State University


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Charmian Solter

Charmian holds an MPS in New Media and Internet Marketing from the University of Denver and a certificate in Web Design and Development. Coined a Purple Unicorn, being the rare and illusive Full Stack Marketer, she is the owner of Solter Consulting, a Business Development and Digital Marketing Consultancy. She joins us in our marketing efforts and is your initial line of contact with writing submissions and questions or comments.

  • Leadership development has had very little or negative long term effects because it is based on studying leaders and their traits. Likewise, engagement scores have not improved over the past 15 years thus matching the horrible record of leadership development. Sadly, the leadership industry wildly misunderstands leadership and has no clue why employees react the way they do to what management does and does not do. With that understanding, it becomes very clear what actions must be taken to create a workforce of Superstars who are about 4 times more productive than anyone thinks possible.

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