Is Privacy Dead in The Shift Age?

“In the revelation of any truth there are three stages. The first it is ridiculed. The second it is resisted. The third, it is considered self-evident.” – Schopenhauer

I collect fascinating people – it’s what I do. But even with all the diverse thinkers I’ve met over my life, I’ve got to say; today’s guest on Switch and Shift TV has got to be in the all-time top 10!

What makes David Houle so interesting? Let’s start with his job title: America’s Leading Futurist. How do I apply for that? But seriously, my first question off the bat was, “What is a futurist?” His reply:

“I define what I do as being a catalyst to get people, companies, and the world to think about the future and then to facilitate a conversation about it. That’s my mission in life and my highest value to the planet.

“I did things in my life that people thought was stupid, and then a few years later everyone was doing them.” Including leaving a great job at NBC and taking a 50% pay cut to be the first VP of sales at a little project called MTV.

On why he’s called “The CEO’s Futurist:”

“I’m the most superficial intellectual grazer you’ll ever meet. People are in silos. I try to connect those dots.”

Some more tidbits just from the beginning of our talk:

“The Shift Age is the global stage of human evolution. That’s where we are right now. The phrase ‘national leaders’ is oxymoronic. There’s no problem that a single country can solve anymore.”

“We’re in the Transformation Decade. If you’re not in the business of changing the nature, shape, character of your company, you aren’t going to be around in 2020. This is the decade of the collapse of legacy thinking. This is the first decade of 21st Century thought.”

…And just wait until we dig into privacy in the age of the NSA! You can’t miss this dynamic exchange with this week’s compelling guest!!!

(By the way: if you’re curious why I refuse to call myself a motivational speaker, you’ll see why on about minute 15).

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Ted Coiné is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and an Inc. Top 100 Leadership and Management Expert. This stance at the crossroads of social and leadership put him in a unique perspective to identify the demise of Industrial Age management and the birth of the Social Age. The result, after five years of trend watching, interviewing and intensive research, is his latest book, A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive, which he co-authored with Mark Babbitt. An inspirational speaker and popular blogger, Ted is a pioneer of the Human Side of Business (#humanbiz) movement. He is also a serial business founder and three-time CEO. When not speaking at conferences and corporate functions, Ted advises CEOs on how to become Truly Social Leaders, or “Blue Unicorns” as they put it in A World Gone Social, in order to bring their companies into the Social Age. Ted’s advice: “Change is only scary if it’s happening to you. Instead, bring the change your competitors dread. That is something only a Social Age business leader can accomplish.”

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