Leadership in Demanding Times with John Grinnell

“We want to protect the past,” proclaims John Grinnell, principal consultant at Grinnell Leadership. Grinnell makes his observation when referencing the influence the past has on our beliefs. Consider this example. You have an interaction with a colleague who was rude to you multiple times. You’ll begin to form a belief that your colleague is rude. Now this may be accurate, but it may not be. A host of other possibilities exist. The events in the past–being rude to you–shape how you think about your colleague. Consequently, your actions are align with your belief. Such actions are mental shortcuts we use to make sense of our environment. If we didn’t do this, we’d be in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed by our environment.

So if the past is somewhat unreliable as an informant to our beliefs, what do we do? That’s the focus of this episode of Work That Matters. Grinnell and I discuss a host of topics that orbit why we need to go beyond beliefs to be effective leaders. We also dig into the importance of purpose to organizations’ abilities to generate value for their customers. One of my favorite portions of the interview is our discussion on the role self-knowledge plays in leadership grace. Of course there’s a tie back to our belief systems, too. After all, you must have a strong, developing sense of self-awareness to examine your beliefs and their accuracy.

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