Negotiation Techniques That Never Fail [Infographic]

How many times a day do you find yourself negotiating a business matter, however, big or small? Wherever you are on your journey through the world of business, bargaining, selling and co-operation probably form the very fabric of your day. As a leader trying to remain benevolent while advancing the needs of your organisation, or an up-and-comer determined to succeed the right way, learning to give and take may be the most valuable lesson you’ll receive. But so natural does it feel, this aspect of business, that it is easy to fall into the trap of believing the skill of negotiation is innate. In fact, negotiation is a composite of techniques that need to be learned, developed, and re-tuned at every stage of your career.

The Importance of Listening During Negotiation

If positive, human-oriented practice is at the heart of your definition of success, then you’ll already be acquainted with the importance of listening. However, listening in a negotiation scenario is a tricky balance. It can instinctively feel that giving too much vocal time to your counterpart lends them all the power: and you will certainly come to the table with plenty of your own opinions and needs to express. Listening carefully, though, and repeating back to them what they have said, can help you understand their point of view more deeply, which gives you a stronger bank of information from which to argue. Ask questions, and your counterpart may well find themselves identifying the holes in their own argument. And maybe, just maybe, getting a deeper understanding of the other party’s point of view will shift your own idea of what you want or need from the negotiation. This may result in more imaginative and beneficial solutions for all involved.

Pro-active listening is just one such technique for more effective negotiating, but for many it’s the gateway to a new form of positive compromise. To tune up the other aspects of your technique, be sure to check out this new infographic which identifies and explains seven effective tools to boost anyone’s game, from business beginner to seasoned entrepreneur.


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