New Blogging Series: “New Leadership in the New Economy: Diversity Matters”


Leadership is no longer defined by years spent in the industry, seniority with the company or the number of gray hairs on our heads. Innovation and social strategies play an increasing role in who wins – and who gets left behind. Often by necessity, leadership is getting younger, stronger and more diverse

Switch and Shift is dedicated to starting dialogue around the human side of business: engagement, culture, service as a differentiator and, of course, leadership.

Starting today, we’ll focus exclusively on this new brand of leaders in a blogging series titled “New Leadership in the New Economy: Diversity Matters”. Topics will include (but, as they say, are not limited to):

  • Millennials in Leadership Roles
  • Cross-generational Leadership Teams
  • Leadership Diversity
  • Social Leadership
  • Virtual Leadership

Reflecting the title of our series, our diverse group of contributors includes authors, thought leaders, influencers and rebel heretics such as Irene Becker, Josh Allan Dykstra, Kayla Cruz, Angela Maiers, and our own Ted Coine, Shawn Murphy and Mark Babbitt. Each post will be independent by design, yet collaborate in nature. Our goal is to serve one purpose: to make us better thinkers… and leaders.

We hope you’ll come back often through May 18th to read this important blogging series – and to comment, share and join in the conversation!


Continue reading our New Leadership series with Leadership, Diversity, and the Power of Paradox


Art by: wudupcheese

Mark Babbitt is a speaker, author and blogger who serves as CEO and Founder of YouTern, a social community for college students, recent graduates and young professionals that Mashable calls a "Top 5 Online Community for Starting Your Career." He is also President of Switch and Shift and CMO and co-founder of Mark is the father of five and a grandfather; he and the woman who tolerates him (barely) call Seattle, Washington home.

  • Katbalu

    Looking forward to this.

  • NTeply49

    Mark, you forgot to mention you are an amazing basketball coach that helps mentor underprivileged students in your little bio. Love you Mark! You’re the best.

  • NTeply49

    How long til we start

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