Reinvent Yourself. Here’s How in Ten Simple Steps.

My guest this week on Switch and Shift TV is Dorie Clark, a professor at Duke’s executive MBA program, columnist at Forbes and Harvard Business Review, and author of Reinventing You – and let me tell you, she knows first-hand what self-reinvention is all about!! Dorie’s own career starts from Harvard Divinity School, to journalist, to politician campaign spokesperson to nonprofit leader and now to consultant and professor! In other words, this fascinating author lived her book before she ever started writing.

In today’s show, you’ll learn…

  • Turn your (maybe odd) expertise into a successful new career – just like Craig Della Penna, who transformed his rails-to-trails advocacy into a thriving B&B and then used it again to launch a thriving real estate business selling houses along rail trails to cycling enthusiasts.
  • Leverage Your Differences – Ask, “How can I take my perceived weaknesses and turn them into my differentiator that sets me apart from the Harvard MBAs I’m competing against?” That is exactly what Libby Wagner did when she shifted careers from a tenured professor of poetry to a consulting service with clients like Nike and Boeing.
  • Control The Narrative About You – People aren’t self-centered, and they aren’t stupid. They’re busy. So when you reinvent yourself to launch a new career, you have to connect the dots for people so they understand – and then leverage your network by telling them how they can help you launch this change!

This is just the beginning of a vitally important interview with this extraordinary thought leader – important to your career! Enjoy the show, and then do your friends a favor and share it with them. They’ll thank you for it.

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Keynote speaker. Author of A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive. Three-time CEO. Chairman and Founder of Switch and Shift. Ted Coiné is one of the most influential business experts on the Web, top-ranked by Forbes, Inc., SAP Business Innovation, and Huffington Post for his leadership, customer experience, and social media influence. Ted consults with owners, CEOs and boards of directors on making their companies more competitive by making them more human-focused. He and his family live in Naples, Florida.

  • Matthew Johnson

    I’ve been following Dorie since coming across her articles in Forbes in early 2013. As always she has great insight. My fav, “We are all on a reinvention spectrum.” Thanks Ted for the interview.

  • Ronnie Walter

    Hi! I found this through Dorie’s twitter feed. Very good discussion–love the idea of leveraging your point of difference. I will definitely be using that as I move forward in my plans. Thanks so much, now I need to explore the rest of the interviews!

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  • TedCoine

    Thanks Matthew! Yes, she’s absolutely brilliant, isn’t she? And she gives a GREAT interview, which isn’t always the case with authors and professors. I think her earlier career as a campaign spokesperson served her well :)

  • TedCoine

    Thanks Ronnie, it’s so great to have you here! I hope you’ll agree that my other interviews are almost uniformly terrific because of the high caliber of my guests (one reason I only do them once a week at this point!), but I also hope you explore the rest of the site as well – Shawn’s Murphy’s “Work That Matters” podcast, and all of the fantastic Leaguer and guest posts we run each day of the week. If this becomes your new home on the Web… well, we’re building a community of purpose, not just another news outlet. I really hope you find your home among us!

    Together, let’s make this world a better place!!

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