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New Year’s Resolution: Keeping Your Employees Happy

Dedicated and driven employees are a great asset to any business. Without staff, your business wouldn’t function and you’d struggle to manage daily operations single-handedly. To ensure your business maintains high levels of efficiency and productivity, you must do everything you can to ensure your employees feel engaged and appreciated for their hard work. In other words, you need to keep your employees happy.

We’ve shared some suggestions on how to best keep the morale of your staff high, and ensure they enjoy coming to work for you every day:

Give Praise Where It’s Due

Recognizing success and noticing when your employees are working well is important, but telling them you’ve noticed is even better.

Giving praise to your employees when it’s due is bound to keep them happy. If they’re working hard to meet a deadline while producing great work, letting your staff know you’ve noticed can help them recognize that they’re good at their job and you appreciate their dedication.

Your staff’s working environment is also incredibly important. After all, it’s where they’ll spend much of their day and complete most of their work on behalf of your business. Keeping it a happy and positive place will have a great impact on staff morale and will increase your office efficiency.

Talk to Your Staff and Show Interest

In a larger business, it’s not uncommon for you to feel you’ve become distant from your employees. This may be because you have naturally become busier in your own role, or you employ too many staff members to regularly talk to each.

However, taking time out of your schedule to talk to your staff is important. By showing interest in your employees’ work and personal issues, they will feel happier and more valued.

This doesn’t have to be as complicated as spending your entire workday chatting to the whole office. Instead, stop to ask somebody what they’re working on as you pass their desk. Showing an interest in your employees will help them feel like you care, and that their job is important to you.

Allow Flexible Working

Did you know that 80% of employees would appreciate flexible working hours? Despite regular 9 to 5 working hours being standard in many workplace policies, it may not practical for all members of your staff.

Offering flexible working hours that don’t negatively impact your business is a great way to help keep your employees happy.

Whether your employees have child commitments or would simply enjoy altering their work times for an easier commute, providing your employees with the opportunity to work flexibly can help your staff enjoy their work-life balance by juggling their out-of-work tasks.

Set Goals and Provide Opportunities

Job satisfaction equals happiness, and one of the most effective ways to give your employees great job satisfaction is to allow them the opportunity to grow within your business.

You can do this by setting realistic goals for your staff members, such as hitting sales quotas or taking on new tasks. Once your employee has completed this goal they will feel a sense of accomplishment, which can lead to increased happiness and confidence in their role.

You can also provide your staff with additional learning opportunities, such as training courses and relevant experience days. Not only will this increase your staff’s industry knowledge, it also gives employees a chance to develop personally and feel they’re given more opportunity in your business.

As you can see, there are many ways you can keep your employees happy and retain staff members. Now, it’s up to you to implement these techniques into your business and see the benefits!



Christian Ralph

Christian Ralph – Marketing Manager at Printerland.co.uk. Specialising in digital marketing, search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising, he has helped Printerland grow to be the largest independent reseller of printers and cartridges in the UK.

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