Switch and Shift TV Is Here!

Switch and Shift TV

Let’s face it, not everyone is a big reader – and even those of us who are, like to mix it up a bit with other media.

Well, we hear you loud and clear – and now you can hear us loud and clear, too!

Switch and Shift is now officially a multimedia website, with its own YouTube channel, and everything. Introducing Switch and Shift TV, with your host, none other than me, Ted Coiné.

Man, I’m psyched! I hope you are, too.

Each week, we’ll share an interview with one business leader or fascinating author. Right now we’re using Google Plus hangouts for these interviews, because they’re really easy for a troglodyte like me. Stay tuned, though. We’ve got some pretty special production plans in the works.

Okay, enough yapping. Let’s get this party started!

Meet CJ Alvarado, CEO of Snippet

Know what I love about being alive and kicking in 2013? The phenomenal innovation that’s happening all around us!

This is truly The Startup Century, and here we are to enjoy it.

Take SnippetApp as one remarkable standout example. We’re all familiar with books, of course, and in recent years we’ve taken to ebooks as a cheaper and more-convenient way to access our reading material. Both media are great, but… am I the only one would love to interact with my reading material a little more than even ebooks allow?

“Interact?” you say. “What do you mean?”

That is what today’s episode of Switch and Shift TV is all about, as I interview CJ Alvarado, CEO of Snippet, about his company’s remarkable invention.

As you’ll see for yourself, it isn’t really even accurate to call the Snippet an “ebook on steroids” – in fact, with the video, audio, photo gallery, and social media components built right into each Snippet, it’s really hard to call a Snippet a “book” at all!

Confused? Intrigued? This brief video should help.

Now, let’s dive into the interview with this dynamic, fascinating company leader.


Keynote speaker. Author of A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive. Three-time CEO. Chairman and Founder of Switch and Shift. Ted Coiné is one of the most influential business experts on the Web, top-ranked by Forbes, Inc., SAP Business Innovation, and Huffington Post for his leadership, customer experience, and social media influence. Ted consults with owners, CEOs and boards of directors on making their companies more competitive by making them more human-focused. He and his family live in Naples, Florida.

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