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Motivating team members is a central leadership responsibility. The mainspring of motivation is the belief that something different, perhaps better, is possible. It is that cause that motivational leaders tap into when inspiring others. From such beliefs, habits emerge that perpetuate goodness, possibility, and the desire to do more, to achieve more. Motivational leaders incite action and deepen relationships.

Motivating others remains a challenge for leaders, many whom need to get out of their own way in finding lasting motivational approaches that inspire contributors to do their best work. Fortunate for you, we’ve partnered with some bright minds to help you find lasting motivational approaches that can make a difference for those whom you lead. It’s a diverse mix of perspectives. It’s the diversity that makes this carnival vibrant and filled with great wisdom. We hope you enjoy what our friends and colleagues have to say about motivational leadership.

Heroes and Inspiration
by Wally Bock from Three Start Leadership

“The people you inspire may never tell you. That’s OK.”

Converting Employee Motivation into Performance
by Dr. Neal Burgis from Practical Solutions

“Creating & producing breakthrough results lead by leaders who inspire and motivate their employees to be their best.”

Leadership Isn’t for Me…Or You
by Randy Conley from Leading With Trust

“If you want to be an inspiring and motivational leader, you have to learn that leadership isn’t for you. In this short and insightful post, Randy Conley shows you who leadership is for and why it’s important you know your place.”

Ground Rules
by S. Chris Edmonds from Driving Results Through Culture

“The best way for leaders to create a safe, inspiring work environment is to set clear ground rules for both performance and for values. This post/cast explains why.”

Do You Suffer From The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma
by Anna Farmery from The Engaging Brand

“Leaders and entrepreneurs are expected to be many things to many people. But how do you focus to keep pushing your business forward? How do you maintain the motivation to keep taking the business forward?”

Leading to Bring Out Their Best
by Linda Fisher Thornton from Leading in Context Blog

“Some of the ways that we can bring out the best in others include trust building, supporting, guiding, coaching, team building and removing barriers to good work. While these leadership roles may seem low-key, they inspire people, and build strong cultures and productive organizations.”

How to Become a Powerful Leader—Regardless of Your Position
by Joel Garfinkle from Career Advancement Blog

“You don’t need a title to be a powerful leader—all you need is courage. Good leaders can be found at any level of a company. Learn three tips on how to become a powerful leader.”

Stop Driving Employees Nuts
by Julie Winkle Giulioni

“Employee engagement, motivation, and results are less about introducing new leadership behaviors and more about just stopping the stuff that makes employees crazy.”

The Real Battle of Leadership
by Jeff Harmon from Lead Change Group

“This blog post is about how there is no easy answer and battles will continue through your life’s journey, but a formula to help you fight that leadership battle is: Self-Awareness+Intention+Action. “

Build an Environment Where Intrinsic Motivation Flourishes
by John Hunter from Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog

“The most powerful motivation comes from within each of us.  Creating an environment that allows that motivation to flourish is the most valuable way to increase motivation in the workplace.”

What’s Good About Having A Bad Boss?
by Joan Kofodimos from Anyone Can Lead

“To build resilience and wisdom, we must not rely simply on positive and uplifting leadership behaviors. Negative leadership can serve as an inspiring and motivating object lesson in what not to do.”

Kelly Services’ Nina Ramsey on Women in Leadership
by Lorrie Lykins from The SheSuite™

“Study after study shows correlation between the number of women in senior management positions and improved corporate performance, yet women hold less than five percent of CEO positions in U.S. Fortune 500 companies. C-suite level women executives, like Chief Human Resources Officer Nina Ramsey, broke the glass ceiling and continue to motivate young women everywhere to strive for the corner office.”

Empower Yourself to Have More Courageous Conversations
by Gershon Mader from Leading and Living Courageously

“As a leader, you more than likely will come across multiple conversations where you need to be courageous. This blog post lists four steps to empowering people and teams to take their conversations to that next level.”

Let’s Lower the Bar on Inspirational Leadership
by Jill Malleck from Epiphany at Work

“Many leaders are terrified of the thought that they have to be TED-talk worthy to be inspirational. Here’s some other options.”

A Leader’s Perspective
by Susan Mazza from Random Acts of Leadership

“Until you start to think like a leader, your actions will likely not pass for acts of leadership. Here are 3 fundamental perspectives of an effective leader.”

10 Magic Phrases That Will Make You a Better Leader
by Dan McCarthy from Great Leadership

“There are 10 simple phrases that will do more for your leadership than any buzzwords, writes Dan McCarthy. Saying things like “thank you,” “nice job,” and “I don’t know” can go a long way toward motivating and inspiring people.”

Five Things I Learned From My Favorite Boss
by Robyn McLeod from The Thoughtful Leaders™ Blog

“Robyn McLeod of Chatsworth Consulting Group, presents Five things I learned from my favorite boss on The Thoughtful Leaders™ Blog a look back at her experience working for a great boss who made it pleasant to wake up in the morning and head to work.”

What Title Would Other Place on Your Card?
by Jon Mertz from Lead Change Group

“It is very easy to get caught up in titles and miss the fact that the important part is how we fulfill the roles into which we are placed, and then how the character we demonstrate in those roles carries over into our titles. It is a good reminder that it is our character that should define us far beyond the titles we have earned or given ourselves. “

Want to Lead a Passionate Team? Start with These Five Steps
by Beth Armknecht Miller from Executive Velocity’s Team Development

“As a leader one of your major roles is to get great work done through others.  And this requires you to know how to motivate individuals so they passionately pursue their goals.  Here are five steps to start your journey of inspiring others.  And, remember employees are different, so you need to adapt the steps to individual employees.”

All Leaders Shape Their Company’s Cultural Mindset
by Jennifer V. Miller from The People Equation

“Inspiring leaders are those who know how to highlight what’s working. This asset-based focus builds the foundation for a positive organizational culture.” 

The Number One Leadership Question
by Anne Perschel from Germane Insights 

“Have you answered the number one most important leadership question? This, more that any other question, determines how motivated, inspired, and engaged your followers will be. “

Ducks in a Row: Open-book Management
by Miki Saxon from MAPping Company Success

“Open-book Management inspires, engages, motivates and speeds/increases success IF you have the courage to fully implement it.”

Promise Yourself
by Frank Sonnenberg from Frank Sonnenberg Online

“Promise yourself to live every day to the max. If you promise yourself anything else, you’ll be letting yourself down.”

7 Ways to Improve Your Capacity for Compassion
by John Stoker from Dialogue Works

“I have long believed that leaders who truly care for their people become the leaders who are able to help others to create extraordinary results.” 

Discover Your Leadership Trail
by Jim Taggart from 

“My message in the post is to encourage children to learn the value of taking time to pause occasionally to slow down, reflect on what they wish to achieve and to inquire into the unknowns.”

Managing People: Do We Really Do That?
by Dana Theus from InPower Blog

“In my first management experience I learned that we don’t actually manage people like you might manage items in inventory on in a manufacturing process. We can really only motivate people.”

Leaders are Noticers
by Mary Ila Ward from The Point

“The simple way to motivate and inspire people is to notice them. Want to be a leader? Then start noticing people- who they are, what they value, how they want to contribute- and give them the avenue to make a contribution that is valued.”

Commencement Address for Talent Acquisition Professionals
by Jamie Winter from DDI’s Talent Management intelligence

“Admiral William H. McRaven says new college graduates need to focus on 10 simple things to change their part of the world. Read how Jamie Winter, DDI’s Director, Global Testing and Targeted Selection, applies the Admiral’s advice to the talent acquisition process.”

12 Habits of Motivational Leaders
by Shawn Murphy from Switch & Shift

“Motivation is a catalyst for action, marked with enthusiasm and interest.”

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