The 5 C’s to Captivate Employees’ Hearts and Minds

Let’s face it work can be a drainer. It can vacuum-suck the joy and fun out of a day. The casualties are your employees’ hopes for doing meaningful work. But you’re not about to let that happen, at least not while you’re leading, right? You can provide so much more value for employees by captivating their hearts and minds. But it will require something of you.


Do you give your employees something to care about beyond their personal needs? Is there a cause you help connect to their work? Is there a reason to care? Is there a reason to struggle on some days and celebrate on others? Do you even believe employees’ hearts should be captivated? A “No” answer to any of these questions jeopardizes your ability to captivate not only their hearts but their minds. But the real casualty in this is the business value that doesn’t get created because employees don’t connect their work to a cause.


The workplace is filled with distractions.To captivate employees’ hearts you must provide clarity in direction, communicate a cause, and set expectations. Give employees the freedom to figure our how best to go about doing their work and then get out of their way. Let them get their fingerprints on the work.


How do you show up each day to lead? Leverage your team’s cause to strengthen your confidence in the direction you’re leading them. Spend time getting to know each employees’ story to understand who they are and what drives them. Build your confidence in how you lead by learning about who your employees are.


To captivate employees’ hearts requires that you show up each day to support, motivate, inspire, challenge and connect with them. It’s not a punch list of items to do, however. It’s a commitment to be a constant force of good in your employees’ work lives.


Let employees see that you’re human. Let them know that you care. Show them why doing work that matters is important for fulfillment at work. Show them that work can be a source of joy in their lives. Dare to lead in a way that gives them hope that something good will come from their work.

Work is not a place we show up, but what we do to make a difference for customers.

As a leader you get the opportunity to help shape the investment in time at work. Show your employees that it matters to you that their investment is valuable. This will help capture their hearts and minds so you can get their best work.

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