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Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Business, Featured, Inspirational, Leadership, Strengths, Talent | 3 comments

The Law of Attraction and Business


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Law of Attraction (LOA) (or the Secret, Power of Positive Thinking and more), they all basically claim that like attracts like. For humans that means that what we think about is what we will receive in our world. Think positively and you get positive. Think negative and, well, you get the drift.

I’ve been a believer in the LOA for a while now. In business and in life. I took a lot of ribbing from my logical associates in the high tech market. They snickered as I talked about the power to create breakout business success with the power of your mental focus. I smiled, gave them examples from my own business and they, well, they usually kept snickering.

Today, discoveries in neurosciences including quantum biology, quantum mechanics, brain mapping and more are providing scientific evidence that supports the validity and power of the Law of Attraction. Guess I wasn’t so woo woo after all, now was I?

Our Quantum Minds*

Quantum biologists have discovered that our unconscious minds take in over 11M bits/second of sensory data. We then select a tiny amount of from that enormous data stream, approximately 126 bits/second as our reality. By the way – our unconscious mind filters all that data and decides what is reality. It then gives that 126 bits/second to our conscious mind as our reality – for analysis and response. Only 126 bits/second. That’s like selecting one package of toothpicks from a pile 1 mile tall.

Our unconscious mind is the master of our conscious reality since it picks the data we call that reality. That, my friends, is quantum mechanics in action. Why? Quantum mechanics states that at any point in time we have multiple potential streams of reality in our path. We each select one of those realities at every moment of every day.

Our unconscious mind is the master of our conscious reality since it picks the data we call that reality.

That’s exactly how our mind works when it selects its 126 bits/second out of that 11M bit/second stream to define our business future. How many other business realities exist in the data that we do not select? I think the opportunities are limitless.

Shifting Business Reality

I’ve seen the results of my power of focus in my own business. So have my clients. Here’s an example.

Jen owned her own fitness business, had a best seller on Amazon and was going great. Until she hit a wall and decided she just couldn’t grow the business any bigger. How could she possibly compete with the big guns? Who was she to think she could go big?

We worked together to upgrade the mindware programs that were limiting her beliefs about her business results. Then she started focusing on what she wanted. The business started to grow again.

But she had a goal beyond business grow. She wanted to win a major speaking competition, the Future Thinkers’ Best Selling Authors competition that was coming up in 2 months. Jen knew that platform would take awareness of her business to the next level. Plus she wanted to be a speaker on fitness. There was only one problem – she was afraid to speak to large audiences.

We did some work on that limiting belief as well. Then we did some work to focus her unconscious mind on that goal too.

Long story short– she won the competition! The first time she’d ever spoken to a large audience, beating professional speakers.

Her business is growing in the direction she wants… and she focuses on her goals every day.

Our minds have the power to create any reality we choose when we focus on it and believe.

How do we harness this power?

Our minds have the power to create any reality we choose when we focus on it and believe. All we have to do is create a goal, focus on it with clarity and persistence –and we can shift our reality. It may take a bit of time, but we can create whatever we want for our businesses. The power is ALL in our minds.

• Bringing the power of focus and intent to the teams you lead.
• Leading a daily group focus on a specific business goal – and watching it come into reality.
• Focusing on seeing new opportunities, then creating breakout innovation that leaves your competition in the rearview mirror.
• Watching as individual team members step up and into their ultimate potential.

The power to create excellence in business and in life is all in our minds. Science has proven that.

So what are you waiting for?

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Rebel Brown

A masterful agent of change, for over 25 years Rebel has inspired, coached and empowered over 250 global organizations to ultimate performance and profitable market advantage. Rebel blends the power of neurosciences with her deep business expertise to guide executive and corporate clients to unleash their ultimate performance potential. She has been featured in First Business TV, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Business Week. Her best selling business book, Defy Gravity, is any leaders’ guide to breakout growth. Rebel’s Rebelations blog is read by thousands weekly. She is a an NSA and a Vistage International speaker, acting as a keynote speaker and leading workshops globally. She also was named one of the Top 100 Women in Computing. Besides speaking and writing, Rebel has vast consulting experience in shifting corporate perspectives to create breakout strategy, positioning for advantage and profitable growth. She works with US and European venture firms to successfully fund and launch companies. She also ran a consulting practice in Paris for two years, bringing European firms to the United States. Rebel is also the founder and director of the Unstoppable U Foundation, a non-profit program committed to guiding kids to know that they are born to be Unstoppable.

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  • Kirbie Earley

    I too am a believer in LOA, but am still in the learning phases. This is a great article for those of us who are always looking for more ways to activate this in our daily lives! I’m siginin’ up! Thank you for your insight! I’m sure this was “sent” to me for a reason and I will be sure to take full advantage!

  • John Bennett

    Quoting: “It may take a bit of time, but we can create whatever we want for our businesses.” Glad you included the caution of time required – just a caution, not a road block unless the will is lost … Also falling under time, really, is the need for resources other than time directly. If the will and determination is there, some how, the other resources will be found!!!

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Rebel,

    Well said! Great to connect with you again too ;)

    The LOA game is so subtle, many dismiss the power in directing your thoughts and feelings…..but it works perfectly once you do things like meditate to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, and once you learn how to work light, calmly and confidently, and then, good old letting go.

    Thanks for sharing!