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The Top 5 Posts on @switchandshift for July 2014

In case you missed them, here are the 5 most popular articles for the month of July. Enjoy!

5. 5 Things You Need to Ask Your Employees Today
by Mark Feldman

“Research suggests that if you listen and act on your employees’ ideas, then they will respond by taking more initiative and increasing productivity. It’s time to start inviting employees to offer their advice and share their knowledge. Here are five things worth asking them about.”


4. The Art of Complimenting
by Erik Tyler

 “With any pursuit in life, there is doing a thing – and then there is doing it well. There is activity – and then there is artistry. This holds true where compliments are concerned. There is little debate as to the importance of having “an attitude of gratitude,” particularly as a leader.”


3. How to Change Your Company Culture One Meeting at a Time
by Dick Axelrod

“Be it General Motors, the Veterans Administration, or the U.S. Congress, the answer to the problems these organizations face is always the same: change the organization’s culture. Culture change appears to be a daunting task. A task so big, so formidable, we don’t even know where to start. So we give up. We go along all the while blaming the culture for the way things are. This is convenient, but hardly useful.”


3. On Becoming a July 4th Leader
by Matthew T. Fritz

“All major decisions come with consequently major consequences that must be identified and reconciled. As a leader, you have the responsibility for managing risk and determining which consequences are worth overcoming in order to reap the rewards of your decisions. Risk management, therefore, becomes a cornerstone of great leadership, in business as in war and politics.”


2. Screw Trust and You Skewer Your Future
by Eileen McDargh

“The Veterans Administration and General Motors currently sit center-stage for behavior that has ruptured the trust of customers and employees. But trust breaking goes on all the time—and not just with large hide-bound bureaucracies.”


1. The Nobility of Fighting for Freedom
by John E. Michel

 “It has been called the greatest photograph of all time. It may well be the most widely reproduced, even winning the Pulitzer Prize for photography. Snapped on February 23, 1945 as our nation was fighting its way across the Pacific as part of the World War II island hopping campaign , it served as the symbol for the Seventh War Loan Drive, adorned a postage stamp, and appeared on the cover of countless magazines and newspapers across the globe. The photo even served as the model for the Marine Corps War Memorial that today stands in Arlington, Virginia–a timeless symbol of the cost our military members are willing to bear in defending the values, ideas, and principles this great nation was originally founded upon.”

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