The Top 5 Posts on @switchandshift for June 2014

In case you missed them, here are the 5 most popular articles for the month of June. Enjoy!


5. The Three C’s for Improving Employee Morale
by Karen Martin

“Morale. Satisfaction. Engagement. Motivation. While these squishy terms represent attributes that are difficult to quantify with scientific precision, few would deny that organizations perform better if the people who deliver customer value and support the delivery of customer value are energized by their work.”

4. Build Morale by Catching People Doing Something Right 

by Randy Conley

“Creating a workplace culture that breeds high morale and engagement doesn’t happen by accident. It requires leadership – wise, empathetic, discerning, thoughtful, strategic, and caring leadership. And it’s a leadership you can’t fake. It has to flow from the ethos of who you are as a person.”

3. Can Your Company Evolve Into A Workplace Culture Of The Future? 
by Baron Christopher Hanson

“Welcome to the modern world of over-the-top workplaces, designed to save employees time, money, and life-aches. The brightest companies have been paying close attention to employee wellness for years, to embrace new capacity, greater productivity, and a positive culture. Management discussions are placing more emphasis on benefiting their company quotidian and HR brand, while fiercely protecting their bottom line. Make no mistake; top employees either wake up eager to engage a workplace culture they love, or are seeking to exit a workplace culture they hate.”

2. Eff. Leadership: What is your predisposition?
by Chris R. Stricklin

“Take a strategic pause. Think about the title of this article. How did you interpret the abbreviated word…did you even notice or was it automatic? Did you read it as ‘effective’ or ‘efficient’? This simple test just revealed which technique is dominant in your style of leadership. As self-proclaimed innovators, we must delve into our inner propensities for efficiency and effectiveness which ultimately reveals our proclivity for innovation.”

1. GM’s Mary Barra Will Lead the Greatest Culture Transformation of All Time
by Tim Kuppler

“The subject of workplace culture was once again in the limelight with the media and political circus surrounding the massive General Motors ignition switch recall crisis that led to at least 13 deaths. I started the research for this post thinking I would share some fundamentals about true culture change and connect them to GM’s management of this safety crisis. I now believe Mary Barra, the new GM CEO, will successfully lead one of the most significant culture transformations in history. We should all watch as this live case study unfolds because the insights will be meaningful for any organization.”

Also check out Tim’s follow up post: The GM Culture Crisis: what leaders must learn from this culture case study.

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