The Top 5 Posts on @switchandshift for May 2014

In case you missed them, here are the 5 most popular articles for the month of May. Enjoy!


5. 6 Indicators of a Great Manager
by Gary Magenta

“We all talk about the impact that strong leaders have on successful businesses and ways in which you can become a good leader. Many corporations spend exorbitant amounts of money sending their top leadership to seminars, educational programs, and other training interventions to become better leaders. However, what about managers, the people who directly interact with your frontline employees every day? “

4. Why Replacing Hierarchies is the Future of Work
by Shawn Murphy

“The manager-employee paradigm of the 20th century is outdated. No longer is “I’m the boss so do what I say” applicable. The question is how can we best collaborate to create business value for our customers. Here are some ways to make a difference today:”

3. 7 Signs it’s time to Un-Follow a Leader
by Mike Henry Sr.

“Social media changed the meaning of words like ‘follow’ and ‘leader.’ Back before social media, a leader was someone who was in a position of leadership. They were ‘in charge’ and the people who joined them in their effort were ‘followers.’ In the old sense of the word, we give our best energy to people we admire pursuing a purpose we desire.  When the person or the purpose fail to measure up, our energy drains and our enthusiasm wanes.”

2. Why Feedback is a Business Imperative
by Matthew T. Fritz

“True Story: I had been tasked to provide a briefing to a leader whose reputation had preceded him by a wide margin.  This particular leader was extremely powerful in his area of performance, and was widely known for a brash personality.  When my colleague and I had been appointed to share our briefing with this leader, the enmity he was rumored to feel towards our branch of the organization was at an all time high.  Contrary to what you might expect I looked forward to this brief like no other.”

1. The Perils of Being a Ninth-Letter Leader
by Chris R. Stricklin

“Every meeting is an opportunity: a unique moment that can bring a team closer together or shred the fabric that binds. Many leaders talk about developing teams, but few truly understand the complexities and intricacies of establishing the necessary culture of unity. Our team prepared for weeks. Built our story presentation, cleaned the offices, straightened the pictures. The day finally arrived. “


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