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10 Tools to Pump Up Workplace Productivity in the New Year

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve workplace productivity in their offices. Can work get done better, faster, or smarter? You may not realize it, but your employees are probably thinking the same way.

Here are ten tools geared for a global audience they can use to improve performance and work smarter.


Are your staff struggling to keep track of their appointments? Is it difficult to get people together for meetings? Genbook will be the one for you. You can use it online, so customers can make and keep track of appointments with your staff. You can also use it to oversee everything that’s happening within the company.

When I Work

Scheduling your staff can consume more time than you realize. Between creating schedules, making adjustments, and answering staff questions about schedules, you’re losing valuable work hours. This tool allows you to create a schedule in minutes and lets your staff check when they’re working without having to bother you for information.

Australian Help

Business writing is more important than most people think. Every time an employee writes an email or a blog post, they represent the company as a whole. That means their grammar must be perfect. Direct your employees to this site, which offers a comprehensive grammar guide.

Last Pass

Modernizing your IT department means you’ll use more technology, which means more user accounts to make and more passwords everyone will need. Of course people will forget passwords, so ease the strain on IT by using this automated password system.


Feel like you don’t know what’s happening on the ground floor? Try this tool. Your employees spend at least 15 minutes a week answering questions about work issues. You then spend time reading and commenting on their responses. This way, you know how your staff are feeling, and can nip problems in the bud, instead of hearing about them when they become full-on catastrophes.


This tool is the best way to keep track of projects and their progress. Employees can collaborate as they work, saving time on meetings and coordinating schedules. And perhaps best of all, you can keep an eye on the projects’ progress, too.


Could your employees use some instruction in business writing? This writing service is where to turn. They’ll work with your employees as they put together documents for work, instructing them in the art of writing and coaching them on editing and proofreading.

Base Camp

As your company grows, staying in touch can become a nightmare. Conversations happen over multiple platforms, meaning information gets lost and people are left out of vital meetings. Base Camp keeps all your documents and correspondence in one place, so no one gets left out again.

Easy Word Count

If you have content writers on your staff, they’ll get a lot of use out of this tool. If they need to know the word count of any piece, just paste it into this tool for an instant, accurate count.

Smart Sheet

This is a great all-in-one tool for any size company. It’s a communication platform and a place to manage all your current projects.

Try these tools and you’ll see productivity skyrocket in your workplace!



Mary Walton

Mary Walton is a content manager at Boom Essays, and freelance editor for UK Writings. She studied in Australia and traveled around the world teaching English after college.

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