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Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Business, Engagement, Featured, Future of Leadership, Leadership, Work That Matters Podcast | 1 comment

Why Businesses Must Stand Up for What They Believe

(Can’t listen to the podcast? Check it out here)


sooyAccording to business owner, designer and author Brian Sooy, a business must know what it stands for to make a difference. In this episode of Work That Matters, Shawn explores with Brian what the elements are to be a business that is clear on what it stands for – what it’s cause is. We dip into Brian’s book Raise Your Voice to guide the conversation.

Determine what your business’s cause is. Here’s a small version of Cause Manifesto Poster that Brian created.


Go here to get a full size version

Interview Topics

  • Communicating your cause to create alignment
  • Aligning your communications to your business’s calling
  • Reconnecting with your business’s mission
  • The four personalities of a cause (interesting stuff!)

Quotes from Brian

  • “And I want them to remember that I did work that matters and that I did work that was significant.”
  • “Companies, I think, have lost their way. They just see profits as being the endgame.”
  • “The brand is what your customers or your audience or your constituents think about you.”
  • “I believe that the cause and then the mission of an organization combined are what define the purpose.”
  • “Character and purpose then combine to create culture.”

Connect with Brian

Twitter: @briansooy


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Shawn Murphy

Change Leader | Speaker | Writer Co-founder and CEO of Switch and Shift. Passionately explores the space where business & humanity intersect. Promoter of workplace optimism. Believes work can be a source of joy. Top ranked leadership blogger by Huffington Post. The Optimistic Workplace (AMACOM) out 2015

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