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Posted by on Jul 18, 2014 in Business, Customer Service, Engagement, Featured, Leadership, Work That Matters Podcast | 1 comment

Why Businesses Need to Have a Good Job Strategy

(Can’t listen to the podcast? Check it out here)

23945_3Professor and author Zeynep Ton (coolest name ever!) is passionate about helping businesses understand how to create a good job strategy. These are jobs that help the business grow through investing in employees. It’s a people first approach.

Zeynep distinguishes bad jobs from good jobs in her book The Good Jobs Strategy in the following way.


Bad Jobs Good Jobs
  • Low wages at poverty-levels, even for full-time employees
  • Unpredictable schedules
  • Lack of training
  • Work designed to almost guarantee people will fail
  • Lack of meaning in work
  • Lack of dignity
  • Decent wages
  • Predictable schedules
  • Training in offered
  • Sets employees up for success
  • Allows employees to find meaning and dignity no matter the job description


We invest much of our waking time working. Why not have it be a positive force in our lives. Businesses today have the ability and influence to make it a positive experience. Zeynep believes it’s a must-to for organizations to be profitable.

Interview Topics

• How the most successful businesses inspire employees to find connection with customers
• How great operations helps employees find meaning and dignity in work
• The business value of transitioning to a good jobs strategy
• Where companies can get started in making the transition to good job strategy
• The relationship of the human element in great operations

(Can’t see the video? Check it out here)

Quotes from Zeynep

• “Businesses have a responsibility for creating organizations that satisfy multiple stakeholders.”
• “When you see labor just as a cost, you try to minimize the cost, and the result is millions of bad jobs.”
• “It was through operations that companies make jobs better.”
• “…If we take care of our employees and if we take care of our customers, it will provide long-term value to shareholders.”

Connect with Zeynep

Twitter: @zeynepton


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