Why I Hope To Win The @ShortyAwards

In my last post, Self-Doubt Is Overrated, I told you that soon I was going to tell you what my own personal Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is. Just a couple of days after publishing that, the kind folks at the Shorty Awards sent me an email saying the love what we’re doing here at Switch and Shift and they think I should throw my name in the ring for a Business Innovator award. #weird. It’s like they knew. They said the process is simple. Just get folks to click the link below and tweet my nomination from the Shorty site.

Okay, let me be clear: my BHAG in life isn’t to win a Shorty, although I’d really be honored, and my Mom would be even more baffled as to what I do for a living – and what my next book, A World Gone Social, is about – than she already is. So that would be nice.

No, the Shorty isn’t the goal. The Shorty is the springboard to help get me to that goal a little faster. Because here’s my BHAG:

I want to bring The Human Side of Business to TV. Real TV, not just Web TV.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Web TV, which in my case is me on one side of a Google+ Hangout and my guest on another. I don’t mean to knock that. But “Real TV” (ABC, CNBC, ESPN4… who knows?) can bring us an audience of far greater proportion. And you know what that will mean? It means that this community of purpose, the Switch and Shift community, will have a larger impact sooner.

I want to bring The Human Side of Business to TV. Real TV, not just Web TV.

We’re working to usher in the Social Age here, you and I, with the enthusiastic help of our Leaguers and guest contributors. The Industrial Age is over, and all that hierarchical, top-down, bureaucratic, leave your soul at home garbage is already past us.

…Past us, that is, except most companies still haven’t gotten the memo. Most leaders cut their teeth in that bygone age, they learned all their unenlightened habits then, they attained their status then, and they’re comfortable there. Rank has its privileges, they still believe, rather than its responsibility to serve.

Why do I want my own Real TV show? I want to interview even more fascinating people on my show than I already do on Switch and Shift TV every Monday. I want to feature innovators, and fantastic places to work, and I want to show those in charge – and to their bosses, the stockholders – that there’s a better way of doing things than that tired old Industrial Age model.

Better from the employee side. Better from the customer side. And the community side. And yes, absolutely, better from the profit side, too. Because it’s from The Human Side.

Rank has its privileges, they still believe, rather than its responsibility to serve.

I can really use your nomination – which you have to give through the Shorty website right here. Retweets don’t count.

Will you vote for me? I’m up against some amazing people. Maybe you think one of them deserves your vote instead. That’s totally cool. I know I’m a long shot. It’s important you vote with your whole heart.

But if you help me get my Shorty, I promise you I’m going to fight like hell to parlay that goofy glass award into a Real TV show. For us all.

Thank you so much for your support. Just in general. Not only for this contest. All of us here on the Switch and Shift staff are truly honored for all our community does for us.

Shorty Award Business Influencer

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Ted Coiné is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and an Inc. Top 100 Leadership and Management Expert. This stance at the crossroads of social and leadership put him in a unique perspective to identify the demise of Industrial Age management and the birth of the Social Age. The result, after five years of trend watching, interviewing and intensive research, is his latest book, A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive, which he co-authored with Mark Babbitt. An inspirational speaker and popular blogger, Ted is a pioneer of the Human Side of Business (#humanbiz) movement. He is also a serial business founder and three-time CEO. When not speaking at conferences and corporate functions, Ted advises CEOs on how to become Truly Social Leaders, or “Blue Unicorns” as they put it in A World Gone Social, in order to bring their companies into the Social Age. Ted’s advice: “Change is only scary if it’s happening to you. Instead, bring the change your competitors dread. That is something only a Social Age business leader can accomplish.”

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