Why Replacing Hierarchies is the Future of Work

Editor’s Note: This is the first article of a mini-video series we will be running on Sundays. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos HERE.

Worry less about the future of work and notice what is happening right now.

If we invest time today on areas that are holding back our workplaces now, we’ll be better equipped to adjust to the future of work.

One area we need to invest time to change is workplace hierarchies. They are slowing down a business’s agility to respond to dramatic shifts in the marketplace . Managers need to invest time switching to a culture that emboldens employees and managers to work together to redefine their working relationship.

The manager-employee paradigm of the 20th century is outdated. No longer is “I’m the boss so do what I say” applicable. The question is how can we best collaborate to create business value for our customers. Here are some ways to make a difference today:

  • Open up channels of communication so that employees are getting decisions and information that impact their work faster.
  • Form teams to make improvements to how work is done and move decision making to the team. Provide sponsorship for guidance and counsel when the teams get stuck.
  •  Flatten the organization by removing layers of management. Fold them into teams or move low-performing managers out. Same with employees.


Don’t let the future of work distract you from the work you need to do today.


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