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Dateline:  September 2013 the research is in and it is conclusive.

Women have an important role to play in organizational development, leadership; and, adding women to the executive suite typically boosts profits!  So what is the problem?  Why are women leaving corporate America?  Why is there a brain, passion and potential drain?  Why is this drain of incredible female potential ongoing at a time when American organizations NEED a new type of leadership, a more androgynous type of leadership?  We can ask why forever, but it will not take us forward. Ladies it is time to lean in AND STAND UP!  Gentlemen, if you want to build organizations that will survive and thrive, it is time to fess up to the fact that changing the playbook is the best and smartest thing you can do!  The way forward is focusing on the objective.  Here are three simple practical, powerful steps to focus and lead forward!

The way forward is focusing on the objective.

Here are three simple, practical, powerful steps:

1)  Reset The GPS. Doing so is doable and critical! Focus forward not backwards by resetting the automatic GPS that causes you to look at the negative/the problem, because focusing on the problem is not the line of sight that creates solutions. Focusing forward means focusing on the objective FIRST, making it top of mind, empowering it with possibility so that YOUR brain and our collective brains start searching for the solutions that may otherwise be difficult to see. Stop focusing on the number of women leaving corporate America, and start focusing on the great constituents within corporations who can be guided, trained to lead and play important roles in the present and future of organizations that need a more androgynous type of leader who can balance typically male and female ways of thinking, doing and executing.

start focusing on the great constituents within corporations who can be guided

2)  Stand Up! Empower, engage, and actualize results that take women and men forward! The powers that be, are typically male and of a particular ethnic background, and they are so entrenched in what has been that they need a wakeup call to embrace what can be. Wake them up from a power structure that will ultimately be impotent to help them lead forward in this century.  Refocus and rebuild Women’s Initiatives within organizations so that women have programs, initiatives, strategic objectives, direction and a plan that helps them not only optimize skills and strengths that are typically female and VERY needed in this century, but also incorporate parts of the typically male frame of reference that can help women LEAD forward.

they are so entrenched in what has been that they need a wakeup call to embrace what can be.

Create Women’s Initiatives that do more than pay lip service to fixing the gender imbalance in the C Suite because the business imperative to create a more androgynous type of leadership, and to have a more equal balance of women and women leading organizations will help organizations survive and thrive in this century.

3)  Be A Game Changer. The old game will not work going forward. It may feel good now, but it is a recipe for disaster.  Develop Women’s Initiatives that not only inspire, engage and actively LEAD women to the C suite, but are incorporated in a larger picture where leadership and 3Q skills that help male and female leaders optimize intrinsic gender strengths while learning and incorporating other strengths from each other that help them optimize strengths AND USE challenges to grow.

Stand up or prepare to stand down and let a new non-linear eco system, a new arena of increasing change, challenges, crises and opportunities, erode your life, your business, your organization from the inside out.  Building a new playbook that will help you lead your organization into the future, means developing the proper mind and skill set to focus on building a C-suite where skills, strengths, and abilities of men and women are optimized.  The way forward is a new path, a path from ME to WE which demands not only equal representation of women in the executive suite, but men and women working together to create an androgynous workplace, a better workplace where race, creed, gender are irrelevant.

More on rewriting the playbook!
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Executive Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Writer, Irene is a trailblazer whose R-E-A-C-H™ methodology and 3Q Edge™ focus have helped forward-thinking people and organizations in Canada, USA and Europe USE strengths, changes, challenges and failures to achieve breakthrough results in their careers, communication, leadership and lives; exceptional results that stick and grow at the speed of change. Yes, 3Q is unique in that it helps people build the mindset and skill-set that enables and optimizes potential in the face of change and challenges. First female CEO of a steel company in Canada, Irene Becker has a track record of accomplishments in business and in the community at large. Passionate about the integrity of her work, Irene just returned from her first keynote in the UK and works with clients face to face, by telephone, Skype or video conferencing.

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    For an article encouraging women not to be afraid to take on leadership roles, I feel the “Women on Top” title skews the message it tries to portray giving way to a sexual connotation.

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