• 5 Types of Toxic Employees (And How to Deal With Them)

    Written by: Reuben Yonatan | February 26, 2015

    Abstract Businessman falls Prey to a Huge Shark.

    Not only are they expensive, demoralizing, and infuriating, toxic employees can bring teamwork to a grinding halt, jeopardize goals, and potentially become and enormous liability for your company! So how can you diagnose these troublemakers, and what can be done about them? … Read More»

  • It’s Time to Democratize Change Management

    Written by: Arnaud Henneville | February 25, 2015

    Walking of people in Eminou District

    There was a time – not so long ago – that one could see it Change coming, one could adapt to it, one had the time to tweak one’s model to remain competitive. But that time is over…. Read More»

  • The 13 Worst Pieces of Business Advice Ever

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | February 24, 2015


    If you hear these words, run the other way…. Read More»

  • The Power of Making Things Visible

    Written by: Jamie Notter | February 23, 2015

    Stormy sky over dark sea.

    One of the central tenets of traditional management philosophy is that information should be controlled. Secret formulas and key strategic moves, for example, are obviously not to be shared with competitors. Even internally, to avoid the risk of leaks or misinterpretation, information has been traditionally been doled out only on a “need to know” basis.

    Unfortunately, this approach does not work well in today’s fast-paced, innovation-focused environment…. Read More»

  • Why Conversation Could be the Key to Beating Stress

    Written by: Nigel Purse | February 22, 2015

    scientific_Social Community05

    Health problems stemming from job stress are responsible for around 120,000 deaths in the US every year — making work-related stress as big a killer as diabetes or Alzheimer’s…. Read More»

  • Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

    Written by: Elizabeth Saunders | February 20, 2015

    confidence gap

    Learning to have an ownership mindset and understanding how to communicate in an effective, factual way can help you feel confident and empowered at work. But when you own your own business, the only person to manage up to is yourself. … Read More»

  • 3 Leadership Secrets from Richard Branson

    Written by: Dan Aldridge | February 19, 2015

    cocktail on the beach

    With this much press about Richard Branson’s story and his achievements as a businessman, you may ask, what leadership “secrets” could he possibly have? Well, I believe that when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out why Branson is one of a rare breed…… Read More»

  • 3 Business Elements Needed for Excellent Results

    Written by: Mark Lukens | February 18, 2015

    Three darts in bull's eye close up

    Putting purpose first is about recognizing that profit is not an end in itself, but a way of supporting companies and those who invest in them. If your purpose is something that people value then those people will naturally be served by your work, and profit will flow from that…. Read More»

  • Applying the Digital Mindset to Management

    Written by: Jamie Notter | February 17, 2015

    senior playing tablet

    Traditional management is clearly and measurably in decline, although up until now it has been changing at a somewhat glacial pace. The social media revolution has moved much more quickly and has seeped into every aspect of organizational life, but by itself it is never going to fully revolutionize management. It needs a catalyst—like the Millennials…. Read More»

  • Why We Need Mutually Beneficial Relationships at Work

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | February 16, 2015


    Business has been and always will be built on the back of relationships. It’s the water that gives life to an eco system. Without relationships, business becomes a solo endeavor. And, therefore, it fails to generate the value its owners and employees aim to create…. Read More»

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