• Pockets of Excellence: How Middle Management Can Lead Change

    Written by: Amy Tobin | October 13, 2015

    Change direction

    Our primary goal is to create a dialog around what positive work culture is truly based on, and provide middle managers and team members with actionable steps they can take to impact their own work environment, and possibly affect the larger organization…. Read More»

  • The Future Doesn’t Belong to the Ones Who Know

    Written by: Kristof De Wulf | October 13, 2015

    Looking into the future

    With 90 percent of all data in the world having been created in the last two years alone, knowledge is finding itself in a state of abundance as opposed to scarcity. Your smartphone gives you access to more information at your fingertips than you can handle – let alone actually use – in an entire lifetime. In a world where individual knowledge is no longer power, what does it take to thrive in the future?… Read More»

  • The Intentionomics® Of Leadership

    Written by: David Penglase | October 12, 2015

    Businessman with light bulb head showing OK sign

    Aristotle was very clear that what we do – our actions and our behaviors, reflect to the world our moral character. Following this philosophical line of thinking, it is nonsense to say leadership is not about what you do, because what you do, reflects to the world about who you are… and who you are, is very much about what you do…. Read More»

  • Leading without Consequences

    Written by: Ed Pierce | October 12, 2015


    A few weeks ago this blog ran a post stating that accountability is the foundation of all leadership; I cannot agree more. The reality is that if you lead with no consequences, you may make decisions that do have negative consequences for others…. Read More»

  • #SocialLeader Chat: Leading IT in the Social Age with David Bray @fcc_CIO

    Written by: Shawn Murphy | October 11, 2015

    face made of social icons

    Social Leadership is more than tweeting or uploading to Instagram a picture of yourself at an event. Social leaders understand the powerful role social plays in business, in serving customers, even engaging employees in important conversations. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) CIO Dr. David Bray knows first hand the powerful role social plays. From sparking conversations […] Read moreRead More»

  • The Millennial Leader – Rising to the Top

    Written by: Charmian Solter | October 9, 2015

    Millennials working

    We have reached the tipping point when it comes to the percentage of Millennials in the American workforce; they now outnumber Generation X. With the oldest Millennials in their mid-30s, we are also witnessing Millennial leaders rising to the top…. Read More»

  • 3 Strategies for Living Each Day Creating Impact and Influence

    Written by: Amy Franko | October 9, 2015

    Influence and impact

    Conversations about impact and legacy often come later in life as we look back at what we’ve accomplished and contributed. Instead, what if we looked forward and consciously designed our path of impact and influence?… Read More»

  • #SocialLeader Recap: “Creating Fierce Loyalty with Employee and Customer Communities”

    Written by: Lauren Kirkpatrick | October 8, 2015


    Loyalty is a hot topic these days. Employers now have to engage workers and captivate consumers all while making a profit for shareholders. If all three are done correctly, a company can outcompete competitors using employees and consumers as loyal brand ambassadors…. Read More»

  • Millennial Stereotypes: How Soon You Forget, Gen X…

    Written by: John Graham | October 8, 2015


    In this episode of The 2 Minute Millennial we’ll focus on one of the biggest and most unlikely contributors to the wave of millennial bashing: Gen X. You’ll find some very interesting parallels between the generations and how they were viewed by their predecessors…. Read More»

  • What It Really Means to Be a Digital Organization

    Written by: Jamie Notter | October 8, 2015

    Digital organization

    We all recognize we are in the digital age, but what does this really mean for our organizations? At an obvious level, it means digital technology is an integral part of getting work done…. Read More»

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