• 10 Things Americans Can Learn From Europeans About Enjoying Time Off

    Written by: Young Entrepreneur Council | August 25, 2016

    time off

    Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) surveyed its North America-based members on what they can learn from Europeans about enjoying time off from work…. Read More»

  • Executive Coaching: How to Preserve and Promote Women in Leadership

    Written by: Joelle Jay | August 24, 2016

    executive coaching

    As an executive coach, I have the privilege of coaching executive women past obstacles so they can focus on their leadership and impact instead. Of all the strategies, perspectives, behaviors, actions and mindsets I’ve used over the years to strengthen women in leadership, there’s one that has the biggest impact on their success: the executive coaching itself…. Read More»

  • Premium Customer Care from Premium Employees

    Written by: Amanda Wilks | August 23, 2016

    "woman at desk talking on the phone"

    The number of clients is the most important issue of a company. Excellent customer care and service is paramount. Businesses are spending a lot of budgets and efforts to optimize their products, make their websites more user-friendly, come up with original and powerful marketing strategies and so much more. All of these activities are dedicated […] Read moreRead More»

  • 4 Business Lessons We Can Learn from the “Crazy Ones”

    Written by: Kristof De Wulf | August 23, 2016

    business lessons

    Steve Jobs called them the ‘crazy ones’: the daring and brilliant minds who were crazy enough to think they could change the world. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we could learn from the best practices they have applied. What connects the so-called crazy ones is the fact that they all left the path of average and moved to the edges. Here are four characteristics of the crazy ones we can all learn valuable business lessons from…. Read More»

  • Innovation: Are You Innovative Enough in Your Approach

    Written by: Henrik Werdelin | August 22, 2016


    Innovation has become the workout regimen of the business world. Companies all claim to do it, or like to believe they do, but, very few actually see results. It’s not the innovation or the exercise itself that fails to deliver; it’s the approach. Just as running 10 miles a day won’t land you the perfect body, creating an innovation team and setting it free won’t translate to industry-changing products… Read More»

  • Reading Habits of Highly Successful People [Infographic]

    Written by: Switch & Shift | August 19, 2016

    reading habits

    You can tell a lot about a person by what they read. A person’s reading habits can tell you what they find important and what topics interest them. They can also reveal the importance that person places on learning and self-improvement. So what are you reading right now? How much do read each day?… Read More»

  • 6 Clear Cut Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

    Written by: Rick Delgado | August 18, 2016

    employee productivity

    It’s not enough to work hard; you also have to work smart. Perhaps this has been the biggest challenge for your business, figuring out how to get more from your employees without running them into the ground. Luckily, there are a few excellent practices you can adopt to improve employee productivity. The results of enacting such policies will speak for themselves…. Read More»

  • How to Make the Most of Strategic Business Partnerships

    Written by: Kristin Stith | August 17, 2016


    Massive tasks or projects have the capacity to strain the limits of any company’s knowledge and resources at times. The CEO must decide if it’s worth spending valuable time and money to tackle something that could dramatically affect the team’s productivity. Often, only an outside third party can knock out those projects and get the company from point A to point B. Finding a third party that can work seamlessly with your own business may seem daunting. But leveraging outside partnerships is often more effective, and less expensive, than taking big projects on yourself…. Read More»

  • Tech Trends That Turn Remote Employees Into a Cohesive Team

    Written by: Tony Tie | August 16, 2016

    remote employees

    As remote work becomes more commonplace, it still poses a challenge for many leaders. Few are equipped to handle remote employees. It’s difficult to determine whether someone is on task, and it’s even harder to keep him engaged. When there’s no office to corral employees, it can be hard to track them down. That’s why it’s very important to leverage technology when you have remote employees. It brings people together in one digital space…. Read More»

  • Digital Strategies for Recruiting Top Talent

    Written by: Liz Phillips | August 15, 2016

    digital strategies

    You believe in your company, your product, and your employees, and work hard to provide a positive work environment. However, it may be a challenge to promote your company’s culture and atmosphere to job candidates who have never interacted directly with your company. To maintain the positive work environment you’ve worked so hard to create and find top talent to fill your job openings, take a closer look at your digital strategies for recruitment before you post anything online…. Read More»

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