• Our Most Cherished Thanksgiving Traditions

    Written by: The Switch and Shift Team | November 26, 2015

    Autumn Thanksgiving Banner with Leaves and Black Berries. Vector Illustration.

    Despite the commercialization of Thanksgiving, there are traditions that families and friends honor to bring meaning to sharing a meal together. It’s these traditions that our Switch & Shift family are reflecting on. Below are our cherished Thanksgiving traditions…. Read More»

  • How Gratitude Changes the Way You See the World

    Written by: Charmian Solter | November 26, 2015

    Grateful hiker at the top of the mountain

    As we sit down this Thanksgiving with family and friends, before you put that first bite of food in your mouth, we hope that you will take a moment to think about all the things in life that you are thankful for.
    Read More»

  • Are You Ready for the Digital Workplace?

    Written by: Kathryn Everest | November 25, 2015

    man and woman working on their laptops

    For many people, the workday doesn’t have a set beginning or end time and the workplace isn’t always a physical destination. You may be one of those people. Do you drink your morning coffee while electronically catching up on your laptop or other device? Did you do the same before you went to bed last night (sans coffee)? … Read More»

  • A Necessary Redefinition of Responsibility and Leadership

    Written by: Karen Kimsey-House | November 24, 2015

    Employee responsibility all hands in

    This post will highlight the Co-Active Leadership Model, based on responsible leadership and how responsibility is defined…. Read More»

  • 4 Leadership Lessons from Nine-Year-Olds

    Written by: John Bell | November 24, 2015

    leadership lessons from 9 year olds

    Five years ago, I became a blogger. With 45 years of business experience as a foundation, I began sharing personal reflections and contemporary insights on leadership – fully aware my content would not matter a damn had I not kept pace with the pulse of the new economy, and the changing dynamics of customers and the workforce…. Read More»

  • 5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility

    Written by: Bob Pritchett | November 23, 2015

    Increasing your visibility

    It’s quite simple: being visible helps you achieve your goals.

    People prefer to work with people they’re familiar with. That familiarity doesn’t have to be based on impressive and daring feats; it can come from simple exposure. You, your name, and your work need to be visible to your peers, to your boss, to your boss’s boss, to casual observers, to industry experts, to anyone who goes looking for you or your area of expertise on the Internet, etc.
    Read More»

  • The Importance of Leadership on Employee Engagement

    Written by: Charmian Solter | November 20, 2015

    business men handshaking

    Here at Switch & Shift we strive to illuminate effective leadership practices. We pride ourselves on creating cutting edge solutions for employee engagement, communication and creating company culture to name a few.
    Read More»

  • Avoid the Water Cooler – Negative Thinking Stays with You

    Written by: Susan Mazza | November 19, 2015

    Businessman drinking water from water cooler

    We are programmed to be emotional, and prone to negative thoughts. This post explains why we need to step away from the water cooler and train ourselves to think positively…. Read More»

  • 9 Ways to Challenge Your Assumptions

    Written by: Scott Mautz | November 19, 2015

    Person looking into the sunset at beach

    There is a silent, guiding force in your life that has more influence than you imagine.   We instinctively know the impact friends and family have on how we live our lives. We know how powerful our dreams and aspirations can be for affecting how we carry on. We know how our desire to be […] Read moreRead More»

  • #SocialLeader Recap: This is How Social Leaders Amplify Their Personal Brand

    Written by: Lauren Kirkpatrick | November 18, 2015

    businessman with bullhorn

    Your personal brand exists. You’ve cultivated it. You’ve honed it. You’ve made it the perfect representation of yourself. But now what?… Read More»

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