Why Millennials are the New Greatest Generation

Generation Y is constantly being given a reputation of being entitled and uncompetitive in the workforce that is very undeserved. But what if I told you, in spite of this public perception and bad luck, or perhaps even because of it, the Millennials are actually the most generous, educated and civic-minded generation since the Greatest Generation? Don’t believe me? The following infographic debunks many of those Gen Y myths. See for yourself what this generation has accomplished and how hard they work despite the less than favorable job market they face.


The Myth of the Millennial Generation Infographic

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Image credit: konradbak / 123RF Stock Photo

Infographic via OnlineMPADegrees.com

Julie Sweet is an associate editor at OnlineMPADegrees.com, a site dedicated to providing those who are interested in earning an MPA degree with information related to the degree, specific degree programs, and relevant careers.

  • The Greatest Generation faced tough challenges like the Great Depression and World War 2. However Millenials will face their own challenges as traditional retirement fades, talk of Social Security losing money and inconsistencies with the job market. Millenials will need to forge their own path.

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  • Linda Hubbard Zabielski

    I really appreciate all the research for this blog. I have been studying millenials and Gen- X’rs and have learned that they are exactly the right personality to thrive in my business and really be successful! They have learned early that they will have to find a way to make money that is not conventional, but they want to avoid what their parents experienced working their way up the corporate ladder and being down-sized or cast away after years of service. I have been able to help many millenials find a path to financial freedom and satisfy their need to help others at the same time. It has been one of the joys in my life to do this. For anyone who is looking for a way to earn a great living on their own schedule, feel free to message me on Facebook and I we’ll determine if they have the skills I need in my business partners.

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